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Men’s Style Pro Holiday Gift Guide x Luvocracy

Men’s Style Pro Holiday Gift Guide x Luvocracy

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The frenzy of the holiday shopping season is upon us. You may have taken advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Tech Tuesday and Whiskey Wednesday (maybe the last one doesn’t involve shopping) to check some items off your list for those special people in your life. Here at Men’s Style Pro we often get questions about what to gift stylish guys for the holidays and what to get not-so-stylish guys to help them upgrade. 

Using the amazing site Luvocracy, we’ve created the ultimate Men’s Style Pro Holiday Gift Guide for any man in your life (or just for yourself). So, you’ve never heard of Luvocracy? Let me give you the rundown of this awesome site.


  • Luvocracy : an online marketplace that allows people to connect with one another through shared interest in products. Based in San Francisco.
  • Sign up by clicking  HERE (It’s Free).


  • Pin,  Tweet and Facebook  to share your recommendations and earn money when people buy things in your collections.

The Cool Part

  • You can pin items to your recommended collections from anywhere on the web. You can search pretty much anything to see if someone has pinned it to their collection,  if not you can be the first. If someone likes your recommendation and they add it to their collection, when  it’s purchased you will  earning money for it as well. People will be able to purchase your recommended items directly from your profile without having to scour the web to find stuff  you’ve pinned. It’s just that easy. The shoppers at Luvocracy make sure the item you want is found and shipped to your door!

The Men’s Style Pro Holiday Gift Guide has 60 recommended items that you can buy, right now.

Here are a few snap shots of what’s available.

Here Is A List Of A Few Of The Featured Brands:

  • Club Monaco, Vivatari, GANT, Zanerobe, The Tie Bar, Logan Zane, The Knottery, Jordan, Mark McNairy, Warby Parker, Denim Supply x Ralph Lauren, Suitsupply, The Art of Shaving, Fossil, Timex, Lacoste, Blue Claw Co, J.Fold, Swims, J.Crew, Indochino, Allen Edmonds, Mercanti Fiorentini, Ovadia & Sons, Kiehl’s, Onassis Clothing, Bonobos, Cockpit USA Inc, Moncler, Big Blue Audio, Jack Wills, Jack Spade and Ben Sherman.

Men’s Style Pro also has other recommended collections ranging from Shirts, Outerwear, Accessories, random Gadgets, Shoes, Suits and other stuff that you can check out by clicking HERE.

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