Bold Suit Vol I: The Olive Green Checked Suit

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Once you’ve developed a solid collection of suits, it may be time to think about adding a bold pattern suit to your wardrobe. You don’t have to jump in the deep-end and grab the flashiest pattern out there, so think about going with a shadow plaid or a dark checked pattern. It’s been mentioned in the past on Men’s Style Pro that a three-piece suit is probably the most versatile in terms of the number looks you can get from one outfit.

So, in an effort to show you how versatile a (subtly) bold suit can be, we present 4 looks where the base of the looks are the blazer and waistcoat from the Baltimore Buzz Olive Green Checked Suit by Indochino (now available online). The premise of this feature is to show that by changing the trousers in your bold suit look, you can really add a new to the look but still keeping the blazer/waist-coat static. 

Understanding the trouser pairings:

  • Blue trouser: complements the blue check pattern of the suit. Creates the illusion of a “new suit”.
  • Brown Trouser: The earth tones of the brown trousers and olive green mix well. The refines blazer/waistcoat offer a bit of juxtaposition to the hardier wool trousers.
  • White Trouser: White is always a blank canvas. In the case of this look, the blazer/waistcoat actually act as the grounding agents to the stark white pants.

(Photo Credit: Marina T. Peele @CantWinkLefty via Instagram)

1. Full 3 piece suit

Three Piece Olive Green Checked Baltimore Buzz Suit by Indochino

Corduroy Shirt by Jack Wills – Lapel Flower via Ebay – Vintage Paisley Tie via Ebay – Shy Guy Pocket Square by Armstrong & Wilson

Cognac Cabarris Penny Loafer by Johnston & Murphy – Burgundy Socks by Etiquette Clothiers 

2. With Blue Trousers

Custom Navy Suit Trousers by Dragon Inside

Custom White Oxford Shirt by Enzo Custom Clothiers in Philly – Black Watch Pattern Tie by  The Tie Bar – Wool Lapel Circles by Vivarati (available online now)

The Crosstown Navy Fair Isle Sock by Vivarati

3. Brown Wool Trousers

Brown Wool Trousers by Onassis Clothing

Custom Spread Collar Shirt by Ratio ClothingBrown Wool Tie & Green Tie Bar by The Tie Bar 

Cooper Brogued Wingtips by Fin’s For Him – The Five Points Gray Socks by Vivarati

4. White Trousers 

White Chinos by Bonobos 

Merino Wool Turtleneck Sweater by Banana Republic – Wool Lapel Flower by Vivarati – “Pocket Square” is a business card holder by TM1985

Grey Ethan Desert Boots by Merona via Target




Sabir M Peele

Founder & Creative Director

Founder & Creative Director of Men's Style Pro, Sabir has a deep passion for menswear and all things manly. Selected as one of the "5 Best Dressed Men In America" by Esquire Magazine in 2010 & as #GQFall 2013 Best Dressed Man. As of 2014, Sabir serves as a freelance brand ambassador & executive stylist for GQ Magazine & GQ Report. Outside of that partnership, Sabir serves as an independent brand consultant as well. Reach me directly at SABIR@MENSSTYLEPRO.COM

  • Arun

    Sabir, your thoughts on the look of a 5-button vest vs. 7-button vest? I like the 7-button look but wonder if it’s too busy to pull off on a three piece that I might wear in a conservative business professional environment.

    • Hi Arun,

      In the most conservative settings, 5 buttons is the norm. I think in determining the shape of the neck is the most important. V-shape as opposed to U-shape is more conservative. It’s going to come down to your comfort level.

  • William

    Great job once again Sabir. I really like viewing your blog for inspiration

    • Hi William,

      Thanks for the kind words.



  • Jeff

    Been going back and forth about slanted pockets v. straight jacket pockets with Indochino. You pull off the slanted jacket pockets very well here. Sabir, do you have a rule of thumb when it comes to ordering slanted or straight pockets?

    • Hi Jeff,

      Every custom suit that I have are done with slanted pockets. They really accentuate the shape of your torso well. And, if you want to wear your suit in a more formal setting, the slanted pockets really lend themselves to the occassion.



  • Nick

    Great post as usual. Thanks for the website!

  • Blake

    Great looks, who makes the double monks?

  • Game over! The patterns, the fit, the colors, the details – taking care of business as usual my friend!!


  • Gazman

    Hey Sabir
    What is your take on the so-called rule that men of shortish stature should not wear trousers with cuffs (supposedly because it provides a horizontal line)? Personally I like cuffs because they give weight to the trousers’ hem and allows it to drape over your shoes better.

  • Stan

    Hey Sabir,

    Do you usually get your shirts tailored? I don’t really want to go that route but all of my slim fitting shirt (H&M, Clavin Klien Body, and etc) always seems a litte baggy in the back which I just usually cover it with a blazer,cardigan, or waistcoat. Is there any other alternative besides getting the tailored?

    • Hi Stan,

      Many of my shirts are custom, but, most off the rack shirts are all tailored/slim fit. Getting shirts taken in will cost about $20. Think about the quality of the shirt to see if its worth being taken in or checking out brands like blank label, ratio clothing and indochino for custom shirts online,



  • Kevin

    the suit above appears to be different from the link you provided….is that the color in the lighting on the model above?

    • Hi Kevin,

      It’s the same suit. It’s just lightened in the stock picture to show the checked detailing.



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