Brands To (Literally) Watch: Breil Orchestra, The Glass Watch Collection

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Men’s Chronograph Black Plated Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch by Breil

Leading into the holiday season, not only did we want to give you the heads up on some cool suits and other cool clothes (see previous posts), we wanted you to bring you some accessories to look out for as well. Up next to bat is Breil Watches (The Orchestra Glass Watch Collection).

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The Black Plated Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch is a great switch from the norm of leather banded watches. Even though the bracelet is of the linked-bracelet variety, the black plating gives the watch more of a formal look (which was an unexpected surprise). As you can see above, this watch works well when paired with more casual/rugged attire such as denim or a leather jacket. You will be surprised at how much this watch subtly stands-out when paired with business attire (without being the complete center of attention). Our favorite standout detail is the grey, leather outer-border. This leather border as a great frame to the face of the watch, that almost gives it a picture-like quality.  This watch gets a solid B+ in terms of style, functional and versatility (would like to see this style slight slimmer). 

DSC_0157Vintage Leather Motocross Racing Jacket by Cockpit USA (Available Online Now) – Ritano Wingtip Boots via Urban Outfitters


Waist coat by Indochino – Vintage Silk Knit Tie – Black & White Striped Shirt by H&M DSC_0164

Checked Olive Green Waist Coat & Trouser by Indochino

DSC_0176Chronograph Black Plated Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch by Breil




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