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Seersucker The Bonobos Way
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We are now approaching summer suit season. Since there really isn’t such a thing as spring weather any more, we have come to grips that the temperature jumps from Antarctic chill to the mouth-of-hell in a matter of weeks, it’s time to start thinking of ways to keep cool while suiting up this summer. Famously known for their amazing pants, Bonobos has stepped into the world of suits and this year in particular “summer suits”. In my opinion, every man should own what is considered a summer suit. A seersucker, cotton or linen suit would be what is considered a summer fabric suit.

This post will show you a few ways to mix a seersucker suit into your wardrobe this summer. For those of you that are not familiar with seersucker, let me enlighten you. Seersucker is a cotton fabric that gets its puckered textured from the way the threads are sewn close together. This puckering in the fabric is intentional, so please to don’t take your suit to the cleaners to get the “wrinkles” out. This puckering quality is the main reason that seersucker suits keep you cooler, because it allows the suit to sit a bit away from your body for better airflow. Seersucker suits are synonymous with southern style garden parties, weddings, the Kentucky Derby (which is coming up this Saturday May 5th), graduation and now hopefully with your summer wardrobe.

There may be a fair amount of you out there that are thinking, “I don’t live in the south where seersucker is a common thing, so how do you expect me to pull this off if I live in a metropolitan areas?” The answer to this question is, “just put the suit on and man up!” It doesn’t matter if you live in southern cities or West Philadelphia, when the summer heat is scorching and you have to wear a suit for an occasion, a seersucker suit will be your best and coolest option (besides a linen suit). Below are four ways to break up a seersucker suit this summer. Hopefully, these looks will inspire some of you to suit up, the seersucker way.

Summer Suiting to Work

Charleston Seersucker Suit by Bonobos

Going with a seersucker suit as a summer business option might scare the hell out of some guys. The key to putting together a business look is keeping the shirt and tie combination rather simple. Add a solid white or pink shirt to your seersucker suit (which can traditionally come in blue/white or grey/white). In terms of ties, add a solid tie or a tie with minimal pattern.

Things not to wear with a seersucker suit for work:

  • Leave the bow ties at home.
  • Go easy on the pattern shirts. You’re already wearing an out of the ordinary suit.
  • Save the white bucks for the garden party or wedding (unless you are rocking this suit on a casual Friday)

White Oxford Button Down Shirt & Navy Pindot Silk Tie by Frank & Oak

Leather Captoe Shoes by Giorgio Brutini via DSW – Leather Notebook by ARC

Weekending & B’Sing!

Charleston Seersucker Pants part of Bonobos suit – Chambray Espadrilles by Asos – Grey Polo Shirt by H&M – Nylon Belt by BDG for Urban Outfitters

Keep it light and breezy this summer by pairing your seersucker suit pants with a polo shit. Play around with your footwear by adding a warm weather appropriate pair of espadrilles like these or a canvas sneaker (preferably in navy, white or grey). Ditch the leather belt and pair a nylon or woven belt with a look like this.

Ways to dress down a pair of seersucker pants:

  • Add a polo, v-neck t-shirt, or henley.
  • Canvas sneakers or espadrilles are awesome footwear options.
  • Go beltless! Or if you decide to wear a belt, go with a ribbon, nylon or woven belt (try a pop of color)
  • Ditch the socks.

Watch by Timex – Seersucker Watch Band by J.Crew – Grey Wool Bead Bracelet via NYC Street Stand 

Wedding Fresh

Charleston Seersucker suit by Bonobos Cotton Oxford Blue Bowtie by Onassis ClothingCustom Shirt by J.Hilburn Cotton/Linen Pocket Square by Armstrong & Wilson

If your summer calendar calls for an outdoor wedding with a more casual atmosphere, it’s time to pull out your trusty seersucker suit. More of a southern tradition, the seersucker suit can be formalized for a wedding by adding a bow tie and a pair of white bucks or brown Oxfords.

Things that will complement a seersucker suit for weddings:

  • White or pink dress shirt
  • Bow tie (preferably solid or pindots)
  • White buck shoes
  • Maybe a yellow flower on your lapel (if you’re ballsy enough)
  • Mason jar with a whiskey-lemonade

Italian Suede Off-White McPherson Wingtip Shoes by Johnston & Murphy

Seersucker & White Denim

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Tallia Venezia Suit Separates via Macy's worn by Sabir M. Peele of Men's Style PRo

Seersucker blazer part of Charleston Suit by Bonobos – White Chinos by Bonobos

Get the most out of your seersucker suit by pairing your blazer with white chinos or white jeans. This is a great option if you are trying for that summer look in between casual and dressy. Places to wear this look; summer happy hour, a night out on the town, and possibly the next morning after a wild night on the town (get my drift?).

Rocking the In-Between Look:

  • White chinos or white jeans act as a blank canvas that pair well with your seersucker jacket
  • Break up the white from the jacket and pants by going with a solid color shirt.
  • Keep it light. A chambray, linen or light cotton shirt will be just fine. Leave the heavy Oxford fabric at home.

Chambray Shirt by J.Crew – Rose Gold Watch by Michael Kors – Blue Bracelet by AldoPocket Square By Armstrong & Wilson

Cabarris Penny Loafer by Johnston & Murphy

Photo Credit : Marina T. Peele

Special thanks to Bonobos for letting me drop by their NY headquarter and rummage through their inventory like a mad man. Follow Bonobos on Twitter @Bonobos or interact with their awesome staff at @BonobosNinjas.


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