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Johnston & Murphy: McPherson Men Campaign

Johnston & Murphy: McPherson Men Campaign

Sabir Peele In Johnston & Murphy Campaign

Grey Glen Plaid Suit by Paul Smith available at Neiman Marcus at the King of Prussia Mall – McPherson Leather Captoe Shoe by Johnston & Murphy -Grey Wool tie by Nautica – Green Pattern Socks by Sock it to Me – Spread Collar Shirt by H&M

(All text in burgundy is click as well as the picture above)

It is a great honor to announce that I am featured in Johnston & Murphy’s “McPherson Men” campaign. As you can see from the campaign, I am one of five guys selected to show how we style the McPherson shoe into our wardrobe. The concept of this particular campaign was to bring together five guys from different walks of life and have them show you how the McPherson shoe influences their style and to give you better insight to what style means to them. I am the owner of two pair of shoes from the McPherson line. The post I did a few weeks ago titled, “Go Buck Yourself“, features the off white wingtip Italian suede McPherson’s and for the campaign I chose the leather captoe McPhersons. There are two things that stand out to me about the McPherson shoe that I absolutely love. The craftsmanship and fit of the shoes are impeccable. Johnston & Murphy are known for making shoes with a high comfort level and the McPherson shoe bring high comfort and amazing style. Below is the video from the campaign which was directed by Carter Peabody of Peabody & Co.

[youtube] Special thanks to Johnston & Murphy for selecting me to be apart of this project. A huge thanks to Carter Peabody and the entire crew that worked tirelessly to make this project in to masterpiece.

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  • I’m curious if you do any alterations to your dress shirts. In the video your shirt fits impeccably. I myself have a problem because while everything i wear is either a small or a medium, my neck size is a 17. Everything I buy that can fit my neck is absolutely humongous in the body and sleeve.

    • Hi Jose,

      I’ve actually never had to get a shirt tailored. I am fortunate to fit most slim fit shirts off the rack perfectly. I have had a few shirts custom made for me. In your case, I would either get a few custom shirts made or take the shirts you already have and get them tailored. The general cost to get them tailored is $20 or under.



  • Hummm… very few men over 25 can pull off that SKinny Look…. which is always being confused with tailored…. when you are wearing slim fitting or body hugging clothing with heavy shoes you look a little “Unproportionate, a man’s shoes should ground him not over-power,,,, now if that is the look you are going for great ! I Think they call that trending— ,but if you show more diversity in the style of trousers that can be worn with the “P” you might increase sales even more … like showing the shoe with a a fuller relax look with a natural rise…., it all about balance , thats what i tell my clients of 50+ years and leave that skinny look to Boy’s

  • Congrats, my friend for being featured and chosen to be part of this campaign. You’re truly an inspiration and a gentleman.

    I predict bigger things for you in 2012.

  • Most shirts that fit my neck are an XL. Would tailoring be able to bring that down to a medium? I’ve heard tailoring can only bring something down about 1 size. Do u know if this is true? Thanks for the advice!

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