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Go Buck Yourself

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If there’s one thing that screams, “SPRING!!!!” in terms of men’s footwear, it would have to be the arrival of white buck shoes! White bucks instantly remind me of the Kentucky Derby,  seersucker and drinking heavily loaded lemonade out of mason jars. Since all of these memories can often be seen as gimmicky (or potentially lead to gimmicky kind of outfits), I decided to show you three different ways to incorporate white bucks into your regular wardrobe. 

Growing up, I was a huge sneaker head. After falling out of my Jordan phase in 1998, I turned my sneaker game toward all white Air Force I’s and the Adidas Forum Lows in all white. As I’ve gotten older and my style palette has grown up, my shoe collection has switched from sneakers to classic dress shoes. Take it from me, when I added these McPherson bucks to my wardrobe it brought back the nostalgia of wearing white sneakers as a teen while showing some grown man steez (yeah I said steez). Before taking the leap in the land of white bucks, read these tips below.

Style Tips:

  • White bucks have the same aesthetic as a pair of white sneakers. White sneakers pair well with denim, shorts and cotton suits. Substitute your white sneakers for a pair of white bucks for a more refine look.
  • Don’t forget to treat your shoes with a water-proofer and dirt repellent. After all, you are wearing white suede shoes and they will get dirty.
  • White bucks are a great canvas to experiment with different color shoes laces.
  • Look for a pair of bucks with a slimmer silhouette. Some brands make bucks that are so chunky that they look like orthopedic shoes (not a good look). 
  • Seersucker and cotton suits are great complement with white bucks. This combo really goes well, and is perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

1. Forrest Gumpin’

Khaki Suit by Sons of Intrigue – Cotton White Pocket Square by Merona 

White Wingtip Bucks by Johnston & Murphy

Plaid Shirt by Onassis Clothing – Knit Tie by Club Room – Substation work tote by J.Fold Brand

2. Short Circuit

White Wingtip Bucks by Johnston & Murphy – Plaid shirt & shorts by H&M – Green earbuds by JVC

3. Weekending

Yellow Shades by Ray-ban – Grey and Navy Rugby Shirt by Banana Republic – 521 Slim Taper Jeans by Levi’s – White Italian Suede McPherson Wingtips by Johnston & Murphy 

Photo Credit: Marina T. Peele

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  • Jose M.

    Hey Sabir,

    I have to admit white bucks scare me but I’m actually considering it now after seeing you work them in this post and on TSB. Having said that here’s what looks like a really affordable pair for your other readers:


    • http://mensstylepro.wordpress.com Sabir Peele

      White bucks are kind of intimidating at first glance. But, once you get them into heavy rotation in your wardrobe, they become a warm weather staple.

  • http://sophisticus.com/ SSSSSS

    A suggestion. List the brands of the shirt under the polo, your watch on the shorts pic and elsewhere else that’s missing. Even if you mentioned it in an older article.
    I like knowing that you can use some of your older items to make new outfits.

  • rhodges16

    Very nice sir…as always.

  • http://www.kyboeusa.com Kyboe USA

    They’re so versatile! Love the outfits and how the white bucks step up your game.

  • Tony

    Lovin the outfits! Btw, where do you get your bracelets??

    • http://mensstylepro.wordpress.com Sabir Peele

      Hey Tony,

      The bracelets are blue bracelet is from http://www.Aldoshoes.com and the beige one is from a mall kiosk.

      – Sabir

  • Kingofwordswithfriends

    Just discovering this blog via styleblogger…WOW! The looks (and the blog) are definately inspirational and budget friendly. Keep it coming bro

    • http://mensstylepro.wordpress.com Sabir Peele

      Thanks for dropping by. It’s always great to get together with TSB.

      – Sabir

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  • http://twitter.com/bjmcgeever BJ McGeever (@bjmcgeever)

    Two months in, are these still holding up well?

    • http://mensstylepro.wordpress.com Sabir Peele

      Hi BJ,

      Two months in and the shoes are still looking fresh!

      – Sabir

      • http://twitter.com/bjmcgeever BJ McGeever (@bjmcgeever)

        Sweet. They’re currently on sale for $129 on J&M’s site. Strongly considering picking up a pair. Worth it?

  • Alex

    looks good! lose that michael kors watch though those are for girls! get a real watch to go with that grown man swag!

  • Andre

    Do you wear socks, if so what kind? I don’t see and I understand that’s the point.