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Recently, I had the opportunity to sample some of the skincare products by the La Mer company at Neiman Marcus’ King of Prussia Mall location. There have been several posts where I have preached the necessity of paying attention to your skin and grooming as a key part of improving your personal style. With a new revolution of guys that care about their style and appearance, La Mer skincare products are the epitome of luxury for your skin.

La Mer skincare is the result of aerophysicist, Max Huber, who created these products after suffering some intense scarring during a laboratory accident. By harnessing the power and nutrients of sea kelp and other mineral, Dr. Huber created the trademarked Miracle Broth™ that is the key ingredient of many of the La Mer products. For the past three weeks, I have been using the La Mer products, specifically the moisturizing gel to battle my combination of dry and oily facial skin (targeting around my noise) and the result have been amazing. As I have mentioned, La Mer is the epitome of skincare products, which does warrant a higher price point; however, when you see the results of La Mer for yourself you will definitely see that it’s worth it (Disclaimer: La Mer skincare products are pricier than most and it’s up to the buyer make that investment).

Through the month of May, Neiman Marcus will sell the La Mer Body Lotion exclusively in their stores. Guys, don’t be afraid step your skincare game up a bit and try out some of the La Mer products. If you have had extreme issues with your skin in terms of serious dryness or oiliness and you don’t want to spend the money on dermatologist, La Mer skincare products may be a great fit for your.



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  • I am so happy to see guys not being afraid to be well groomed and taking care of their skin. Why spend a ton of money on your clothing and not spend a fair amount on your skin?

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