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Silence Life’s Irritation with Nivea Men & Damon Wayans Jr

Silence Life’s Irritation with Nivea Men & Damon Wayans Jr

Damon Wayons Nivea Men Just Face It

Silence The Irritation PSA – Watch More Funny Videos

As I mentioned in the relaunch feature of Men’s Style Pro, we’ve partner with Nivea Men to bring you all things in men’s skin care & shaving. Recently, Nivea Men teamed up with Damon Wayans Jr on a comedy series called, Just Face It, about getting through the annoying things in life, like shaving irritation. 

After polling thousands of guys on what things really irritate them via Break Media’s Acumen proprietary research platform, there was an overwhelming response that shaving and shave irritation are two of the biggest annoyances for men (beside the normal gripes of life). 

The Just Face It video series will have 6 episodes all which take a humorous approach to the irritating things in a man’s life. To stay up-to-date with the series head to, Nivea Men Facebook page or Nivea USA YouTube channel.




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