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Tech: Issentiel Croc Leather iPhone 5 Case

Tech: Issentiel Croc Leather iPhone 5 Case


Before the New Year, I finally took the leap into the iPhone lifestyle with the iPhone 5 (I was blackberry for life). In my opinion, smartphones are a luxury item and I decided to complement my phone with a luxury case. After searching around, I stumbled upon the Issentiel brand from France. 

Issentiel offers a variety of phone case styles, some with flip cover, traditional outer shells and vertical pouch cases. Because I wanted to protect my phone at all times when it’s not in use, I opted for the Black Croc Leather Vertical CaseThe best way to describe this case is as a wallet for your phone. Since I primarily have my phone in my blazer or jacket inside pocket, I figure I’d go with this style of case to keep the screen protected as well. The croc detailing is definitely a stand and something that is a testament to the handmade craftsmanship.  

Pros of the Black Croc Leather Vertical iPhone 5 Case

  • The fit around the phone is glove like. So, there shouldn’t be any accidental sliding out of the case. 
  • The bottom is partially open, so you are able to charge your phone or plug in your headphone.
  • Easy access to volume, ringer and locking buttons.
  • The Croc detailing adds that bit of panache but is still understated enough (in black) not be obnoxious.
  • The case is lightly padded for added protection, but, it’s not bulk.

Cons of the Black Leather Croc iPhone Vertical Case

  • The colors are limited to black & red in the croc style.


I recommend this style of phone case to anyone that may be looking for a more something a bit more elegant to complement their smart phone. Not leave the Android phone out, Issentiel offers cases for you too. 

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