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Men’s Style Pro x Enzo Custom Clothier

Men’s Style Pro x Enzo Custom Clothier

Shirt Buttons & Fabric Guide

The custom clothier process is something that is still fairly new to most men. In the early1990’s, guys made a visit to their tailor to get suits and other garments made rather than purchasing off the rack. Enzo Custom Clothier is bringing that experience back to Philadelphia. Located in the heart of Center City, Philly, Enzo Custom Clothier offers custom men’s suit, tuxedos, trousers, shirts, ties, shoes, cuff links and topcoats at amazing prices with the highest quality fabrics. Throughout the fitting and designing process, almost any part of your garments can be customized to meet your specific needs. If you have not had the opportunity to experience the custom clothing process, Enzo Custom Clothier will be your one and only stop for all of your clothes.

If you are thinking, “why should I get custom pieces made”? Here are a few examples of clothing woes that you may face daily.

  • My shirts are too blousy (they mushroom out of your pants and do not fit your torso well).
  • My suits are too boxy
  • My trousers are way to large in the legs.
  • My shirt collars are not high enough
  • I need a tuxedo that will last for years
  • My shoes just suck

After you schedule an appointment to meet with Rafi Caroline at Enzo Custom Clothier at 1601 Walnut Street (Suite 1007), all of your sartorial issues will be resolved. In terms of prices, custom suits start at $395 and your custom shoes start at $295. So you can definitely see that the price is truly right for such great service and amazing products. If you want to get started out with a custom shirt the prices start at $89. I was fitted for a custom shirt where I picked each detail down to the type of cuff I preferred.

To schedule an appointment, call Rafi Caroline at 215-688-5725 or email You can stay updated and ask real-time questions to Enzo Custom Clothier on Twitter via @EnzoCustom.

Check out this video I put together from my recent visit to Enzo Custom Clothier in Center City Philadelphia (Address: 1601 Walnut Street (Suite 1007), Philadelphia Pa 19103.

Rafi Caroline of Enzo Custom Clothier Philadelphia

Custom Suits & Custom Shoes
Custom Shoes
Cuff Links and Custom ties

Special thanks to Rafi Caroline and Enzo Custom Clothiers.


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