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The Bomber Jacket (Thrifted Again)

The Bomber Jacket (Thrifted Again)

So, it appears that I have a knack for finding some great items at thrift stores. In my previous post, Thrifted & Gifted, you may remember that I stumbled upon a great wool double-breasted suit for $10. During the same trip to the Goodwill store, I lucked out by finding this brown bomber leather jacket that was my exact size. Now I guess you are all wonder how much I paid for this leather jacket. To be honest, I only paid $15 for this awesome jacket. So, if you tallied up my Goodwill purchases of a well-tailored suit and a  leather bomber jacket the total price was $30. As you can tell, I am quite happy with my accomplishments. 

Once I got this jacket home, I made sure to grab a bottle of Meltonian leather lotion. Meltonian leather lotion cleans, polishes and preserves leathers, patents leathers, imitation leather and plastic surfaces. Since I wasn’t the originally owner of this jacket and because it sat in a thrift store for who knows how long, it was great to give it a good cleaning and conditioning.

When searching for a leather jacket, no matter if it is thrifted or brand new, you want the fit to be spot on. A jacket is supposed to hug you well in the shoulders and the length should hit you right at your waist. When you find the right leather jacket it should be hitting all of those requirements to the T.  The general rule of thumb for finding the right fit for a leather jacket is to try on sizes until you get to the one that is just too small. Once you find the jacket that is just too small and then go the next size up. There is nothing worse that an oversized leather jacket. Take a look at the pictures below to check the fit of my $15 thrift leather bomber jacket for a bit of inspiration.

The $15 Leather Bomber Jacket

Vintage Leather Bomber via Goodwill ($15) size 38 - Leather Captoe tan boots by Asos size 10 - Slim Fit Jean by Levi's 521 - Slim Fit Chambray Shirt by J.Crew - Woven belt by Clubroom - Rose Gold Watch by Alias Kim
Shades via

Leather up,


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  • Hey Sabir…..if people aren’t out thrifting today there is something wrong with them, especially after seeing the awesome pcs you recently picked up. I know I’ll be out looking to see what other amazing items I can find! Keep posting your finds – maybe those that aren’t hip to the ‘thrifting’ game will get the fever! Great pics and A+++++ perfect fit on the bomber.

  • Jealous of the great find!

    I picked up a brown wool herringbone suit for $20 at Goodwill (among my also thrifted awesome ugly Christmas sweaters for a party).

    It’s getting a nip and a tuck right now as we speak. I LOVE thrifting.

  • Wow this style is absolutely amazing. This is the pinnacle of fashion. Im looking to change my whole look going into college so i wont have a lot of money, any tips to start off my quest to achieve a fashionable wardrobe?


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