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Grey Wool Pants : Man’s New Best Friend

Grey Wool Pants : Man’s New Best Friend

The image that usually comes to mind when you think, Grey Trousers & a Blazer, is one of the rent-a-cop mall security. Typically their outfit includes a polyester maroon or navy blazer and grey pants. This is not the look you want to go for, however; a pair of grey wool pants are a great blank canvas to use when styling a look for the fall. Time to stock up on your wool, donegal, tweed and other heavy fall fabrics and start mixing up your looks this fall.

Check out this look with a bold blazer pair with grey wool pants for a bit of inspiration.

Some helpful tips about wearing grey wool pants:

  • Very versatile in the sense that any color shoe can be worn with it
  • As with the shoes, you can pair a bold blazer with grey pants or a solid blazer
  • With the fall transition taking place, grey wool is season appropriate and classic

When you want to add some consistent to a look of this nature, a solid grey wool tie is a great accessory to add. Even though during the fall people tend to stick with neutral tones for their entire outfit, it is definitely a great idea to add some subtle spot of color to brighten things up. As you can see, I decided to use my pocket square as my pop of color and it plays well off the subtle pink in the blazer.



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