Interview Spot with Be Suave: Getting to know Men’s Style Pro

Recently, I had the time to sit down with Be Suave for an interview about who is Men’s Style Pro. Be Suave is a men’s fashion blog that is apart of If you need quick tips for shopping advice, men’s fragrances or just trying to figure out some trends to incorporate into your style, head over to Be Suave.  Do you want to know what inspires Men’s Style Pro? Want to know how Men’s Style Pro came to be? Want to know what to expect from Men’s Style Pro in the near future? Head to Be Suave and check out the interview and see for yourself. Look out for Be Suave in the Men’s Style Pro blog roll!

Thanks to Be Suave for this opportunity,

Sabir P.

Sabir M Peele

Founder & Creative Director

Founder & Creative Director of Men’s Style Pro, Sabir has a deep passion for menswear and all things manly. Selected as one of the “5 Best Dressed Men In America” by Esquire Magazine in 2010 & as #GQFall 2013 Best Dressed Man. As of 2014, Sabir serves as a freelance brand ambassador & executive stylist for GQ Magazine & GQ Report. Outside of that partnership, Sabir serves as an independent brand consultant as well.

Reach me directly at SABIR@MENSSTYLEPRO.COM

  • ramsay

    Mr. Peele,

    I read the article – great interview.

    Thanks for keeping your fans informed and for letting us know of upcoming giveaways.

    As fans, we would love a ‘style looks’ book…sort of a informative style book like Esquire publishes. You have many fans so I’m sure they would sell – I’ll be your first customer!

    BTW – Great minds think alike – I have my cap toe Italian oxfords on right now!!!


    • Ramsay,

      A lookbook could happen in the future (great idea). Thanks for staying abreast of what is going on with Men’s Style Pro and continuing to spread the word.



      • Richard


        I also enjoyed reading the article, I took away the feeling that you are genuinely enthusiastic about everything going on with Men’s Style Pro and I think that is awesome. I also agree with Ramsay that a lookbook would be a great idea. You are doing a great job here and I wish you continuous luck with everything in the future.

      • ramsay


        No doubt loyal readers and followers like myself and Richard (hello Richard!) will spread the word. It’s the least we can do for someone that does an excellent job at educating the public.

        Thumbs up my man and a BIG thank you for all the help you provide.

  • Richard

    Hi Ramsay,

    I completely agree, this site is one of the first ones i check every morning and I’m sure its that way for others also. If I can help out in anyway possible just let me know. Like Ramsay said its the least I can do.

    • Richard & Ramsey,

      You guys are great!



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