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How To: Bold Blazer – Volume I

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If  Jay-Z can bring us a few volumes of the Blueprint, I will take liberty in bringing you a few volumes which I will call “Bold Blazer” (bold font intended). In general, a blazer should be a staple piece in your casual wear wardrobe as well as your dress/work wear. In your wardrobe, you should have a blazer or two that you would call your “go to hell” blazer. The “go to hell” references that your blazer is so bold that you are telling everyone else to go to hell for looking at you sideways for rockin’ it.

Blazer Jey Coleman | Oxford Button-Down by IZOD | Sunglasses by OC Shades | Jeans by H&M | Loafers by Johnston Murphy | Vintage Linen Pocket Square | Woven Belt by Urban Outfitter |Watch by Timex

Guys, don’t shy away from a bold blazer. Make this your go to option one weekend for a night out to the clubs or bars, and don’t think twice about your decision. You probably have at least one blue blazer in your closet, which has served as your quintessential blazer, but, to be honest the blue blazer can get boring. Your first step to finding a bold blazer is deciding, pattern or bold color (sometimes both in one). There is no right answer to what level of boldness you should chose in your blazer, however; you want to wear something that fits your comfort level while slightly making you step outside of your normal (blue blazer) box.

Bracelets by Aldo

How to wear a Bold Pattern Blazer (especially if you are a rookie to the look)

Jey Coleman Blazer from Daffys in Philly

Quick Tips:

  • Your bold patterned blazer should be the “loudest” most eye-catching part of your outfit. This is not a 100% percent end all be all rule, however; when starting out with the bold blazer as a rookie start out slowly.
  • Accessorizing with a relatively plain white pocket square will pull the look together well. The fabric of the pocket square (if you sticking with a white color) should be a cotton or linen. The texture of cotton or linen will complement your blazer well by not look overly dressy as a silk pocket square would.
  • Pair your blazer with blue jeans in a dark wash. This will keep the look casual and less stuffy.
  • When choosing a shirt to go with this look go with either a blue or white Oxford button down collar or a white v-neck t-shirt.
  • If you wear a collar shirt with this look, go sans tie. Remember you are going for relax with a bit of bold style.



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  • owen

    Hey Sabir, did you alter your blazer? cause it fits perfect!
    I’m about 5/5 and most of time I have to shorten the arms, which I hate because that’s extra cash I got to spend. I’m really surprised that Daffy’s carry that kind of blazer cause lately they’d been slacking style wise compared to a few years ago the merchandise were more stylish. however Daffy’s is on my 5 top’s places to shop.
    Keep the good work sir, you’re doing a great job!

    • Sabir Peele

      Hi Owen,

      Fortunately for me there were no alterations. I’m 5 ft 9 with pretty broad shoulders. Thanks for the kind words

  • Adel Erdelyi

    Amazing pictures! I love your article too.

    • Sabir Peele

      Hi Adel,

      Thanks for stopping by.



  • Sam Figueroa

    Hey Sabir, nice post. My closest Daffy’s is about 4000 miles away so I’ll have to see what local shops have a similar stocking, but I’d sure like to give the look a try.

  • April

    Hey Sabir,

    Once again, you’re looking sharp. Love the look!

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