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Bold Blazer Vol. II : Add Some Color To Your Nautical Wear

Bold Blazer Vol. II : Add Some Color To Your Nautical Wear

In the first installment of the Bold Blazer Series, the focus was on” how to wear” a bold patterned blazer. In this post I want to turn the focus on how to add a bold solid color blazer to an outfit. The summer really calls for outfits that you can called “themed”. Depending on where you will be spending the day, weekend or what party may be attending you will often find yourself putting together outfits that are based on the occasion (and the weather too). A look that I feel that most men and women can pull off well and at the same time fit most summer events is the nautical look. The word nautical means of the sea, primarily pertaining to sailing. The things that usually comes to mind when thinking of nautical “themed” apparel are blue and white striped shirts/sweaters, woven belts, boat shoes and grey or navy blue pants (and of course sailing). Since the traditional blue and white look of a nautical inspired outfit is a great palette to add complimentary colors, I’ve decided to kick it up with a bold orange blazer by Onassis Clothing.

Mecca Orange Unlined/Unstructured Blazer by Onassis Clothing

Why does this Orange Blazer work with a nautical look:

Orange and blue sit on opposite ends of the color wheel and this is why they compliment each other well. Instead of going with a true and brighter orange (think of the fruit), I decided to pair this navy and white look with a burnt orange that is a bit softer. The white of the stripes, canvas sneakers and pocket square actually act as a grounding feature to the rest of this look. If you do not have an orange blazer, you can make this look work well with a khaki cotton or linen blazer as well.



Striped shirt and navy chinos by H&M |Navy and Leather belt by ClubRoom
White Canvas Sneakers by Lands End


The Canvas Sneaker

Even though the look is nautical, you do not have to take full leap in the sea themed ensemble with boat shoes. A white canvas shoe sneaker really adds to the nonchalant look that you would get from a boat shoe and still get all the advantages of a sneaker (primarily sneaking away from trouble). One of the main reasons I prefer a canvas sneaker opposed to a leather boat shoe is because it is not too often that I will be boating. Canvas white sneakers are so crisp they can make any outfit look stylish and relaxed.

Navy Silk Knot in Lapel | Watch by Timex | Striped Watch band by J.Crew | Bracelets by Aldo | Cotton pocket square by Merona

An unlined/unstructured blazer is a must have for the spring and summer seasons. This style of blazer is great because you can throw it on with a t-shirt or collared shirt and it will give off this very wispy and stylish air about you. The wrinkles are unavoidable with this cotton blazer and the wrinkles really add to the look of this outfit. When it comes to adding the minor details such as watch(bands), bracelets, or silk knots in your lapel, it is best to choose what works best for you. Remember the minor details are what make an outfit standout.

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Mecca Orange Blazer by Onassis Clothing | Canvas Sneak by Lands End | Striped Shirt & Navy Chinos by H&M | Watch by Time | Watch band by J.Crew | Belt by Clubroom


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