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Top 10 Picks From CB2+GQ Collaboration

Top 10 Picks From CB2+GQ Collaboration


Even Your House Can Become More GQ

w/ The Help of CB2

Just a few weeks back, we had the opportunity to attend the launch event for the CB2+GQ furniture & homeware collaboration. From tufted leather couches to marble bowls, each piece is truly a marriage of GQ’s commitment to style and CB2’s expertise in design. Speaking with Jim Moore, GQ’s creative director at-large he mentioned that “this collection was designed to elevate your space, the same way the right pieces in your closet can elevate your wardrobe”.

After having the chance to check out everything firsthand, we’ve put together our Top 10 favorite pieces from the collaboration.

Kotka Black Leather Tufted Couch CB2+GQ

Kotka Tufted Leather Black Couch $2,999

Ojai Side table CB2+GQ

Ojai Side Table – $399

Gibarian Chain Length Fence Shower Curtain CB2+GQ

Gibarian Chainlink Shower Curtain – $59.50

Ripley All Black Desk Lamp CB2+GQ

Ripley All-Black Desklamp – $179

Roy Mirror Cb2 + GQ

Roy Mirror – $399

Black Marble Bowl CB2+GQ

Black Marble Bowl – $179

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CB2 + GQ Kotka Chair

Kotka Tufted Leather Chair in Cognac – $1,799

Richter Black ToothBrush Holder

Richter Black Toothbrush Holder – $15.95

Speciale Grey and Black Sheet Set CB2+GQ

Speciale Grey & Black Sheet Set – starts at $89.95

simms plaftform bed CB2+GQ

Simms Platform Wood Bedframe – $499 – $699

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