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Picking The Right Luxury Fragrance w/ Walmart

Picking The Right Luxury Fragrance w/ Walmart

Walmart Premium Men's Fragrances

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Your One Stop Shop Has Stepped Up It’s Grooming Game

Welcome To Walmart Premium Beauty & Men’s Grooming

Navigating your way through the premium men’s grooming market can be a daunting task, luckily, one of your place to shop for your life wares now offers premium beauty & men’s grooming products. Walmart now offers products from Braun Electric Shavers to SkinCeuticals moisturizing serums and everything in between to help reach the pinnacle of your premium grooming routine.

We’ve decided to focus our grooming efforts on helping guys figure out how to pick a premium scent for all the right moments. No matter if you’re looking for a work-ready fragrance that’s light & airy or something with slightly more punch. Or maybe, you’re in search of a scent that is full-bodied and ready for a night out. Below is a breakdown of three scents that are all available via the men’s grooming section of, with free shipping on orders of $35 or more.


Polo Blue Eau Du Parfum 4.2 ml | Versace Eros | Dolce & Gabbana Intenso

When considering how to select a scent, there are a few guidelines to consider:

  • Where do you plan to wear it (work, after work or special event)?
  • What notes do you gravitate towards? Meaning, what composition of floral/woodsy/musky/fruity are you drawn to most
  • Are you willing to take a risk? Fortune favors the bold and the right scent might be something you’ve never tried before

First Up, The Day & Night Fragrance

Polo Blue Eau Du Parfum 4.2 oz

Selecting a scent that can take you through an entire day is ideal. However; if you work in a traditional office, you’ll want to make sure your fragrance is: light, airy and not overpowering. You want to be remembered for your work and then for how go you smell.

To select a scent that hits the right balance of fragrant and light, opt for a scent that:

  • leads with a top note of citrus like bergamot or grapefruit. That initial burst of citrus aroma is light and appropriately fragrant
  • Find a fragrance with a base note of something like vetiver, has the scent of lemon grass. It’s earthy, without, giving off the warm-evening vibe. Save the truly warm/earthy scents for your evenings out
Polo Blue Eau Du Parfum via Walmart
9 to 5 Fragrance w/ A Kick

Versace Eros For Men 3.4 oz

A well-crafted fragrance can leave a lasting impression, even when it’s light and airy. The key to finding a light scent that has staying power is truly a tale of its base notes.

Similar to the first fragrance, you’ll want to opt for the something that floral forward, however, you’ll want to;

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  • Find a fragrance with top notes that are savory like basil, bergamot, mint
  • Middle notes should still trend more on the floral/fruit side. Think green apples & geraniums. This mixture is crisp and fresh
  • Lastly, an earthly yet sweet note of tonka beans add that last sweet punch that makes this type of fragrance a true standout
Versace Eros For Men Via Walmart Men's Grooming
The 5pm to 5am Fragrance

Dolce & Gabbana Intenso 4.2 oz

Lastly, a rich full-bodied scent that captures the essence of the evening is a must-have in any guys fragrance collection. Similar to the light and airy scent that was packed with a beautiful bouquet of mint, basil, and geranium — adding a dash of sandalwood or tobacco as your base note instantly changes the fragrance into a bold, evening masterpiece.

Now, the scent profile becomes earthy, sweet and floral all at once. Ideal for fall/winter events. It’s elegant and always a conversation starter.

Where To Wear This Scent

To be honest, you can wear this everyday (I personally would), however; this scent will pair well when worn to:

  • Evening weddings
  • Cocktail Parties
  • First Date
Dolce & Gabbana Intenso Mens's Fragrance
Shop Three More Of My Favorite Fragrances That All Hit The Right Note
via Walmart Premium Men’s Grooming

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