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The Comeback Kiltie

The Comeback Kiltie

Cobble & Hyde Finchley Kiltie Loafer

No actual kilts or golf shoes required to rock these. 

This post features the Finchley Kiltie from Cobble & Hyde styled two ways. 

Cobble & Hyde Finchley Kiltie Loafer

(Photography: Austin Horton)

Finchley Kiltie in Tan – Cobble & Hyde ($195)| Custom Grey Windowpane Suit – Tailor4Less | Denim Shirt – H&M | Tortoise Frame Sunglasses – Suitsupply 

The history of the kiltie is a little unclear. Some say it was created by the Scottish to wear with your kilt and others give the Duke of Windsor credit for popularizing the kiltie as a golf shoe add-on to protect your laces. Traditionally, the kiltie — which is the fringe overlapped extension of your shoes tongue were donned over laced footwear, but, today your can find the kiltie on loafers, lace-ups and probably a few things they shouldn’t be on (think sneaker/shoe hybrid). 

Over the last month, I’ve met with the team behind the Cobble & Hyde brand to learn more about what they do and to do some behind the scenes work with them, however; in each meeting I couldn’t help but stare at these shoes on their showroom shelves. It only took two meetings, but, those shoes are now mine!

Purchasing note: these shoes run a half-size larger than listed. If you’re a 10 or a 9.5 for example.

Cobble & Hyde Finchley Kiltie Loafer

Why I’m Digging These Kicks

The semi-spectator design was my initial draw to the shoes. With a mixed material construction of light tan suede and cognac tan leather, these kilties have a Gatsby-esque character about them that can’t be denied, Old Sport! As a single monkstrap shoe, this kiltie is actually rather subdued as oppose to something like this (super kiltie).

Its style pays homage to the past and its sleek design and colorway is much more modern than expected — making this shoe surprisingly versatile. Meaning you can go fully suited or pair them with jeans and a t-shirt. 

Suiting Style Tip

A kiltie shoe falls on the higher end of the ostentatious scale, but, don’t be afraid to wear a bold suit with them. Surprise! The key to pulling off this type of look is to find a suit with a neutral base color (dark grey, navy blue or even black). Stay away from bold colors like red, orange & purple. You’re going for tailored rakishness not a try-hard peacock.  

Cobble & Hyde Finchley Kiltie Loafer

Cobble & Hyde Finchley Kiltie Loafer

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Business Casual 

Cobble & Hyde Finchley Kiltie Loafer

Finchley Kiltie in Tan – Cobble & Hyde | Beige Cotton Blazer – Thomas Pink (King Of Prussia Mall) | Grey Check Linen Shirt – Trashness | Woven Blue Suede Belt & Pocket Square – The Tie Bar | Todd Snyder x Red Wing Waterbury Watch – Timex | Tan Leather Briefcase – Zara

All guys always try to figure out how to wear their dress shoes with jeans and what plagues them most, aside from wearing bad shoes, is shoe with the right detailing. A slightly heftier shoe with some brogue complements the texture of denim perfectly. 

Why This Look Works

It all comes down to denim selection. If you go to light/washed out the contrast is too drastic with the shoes. Finding the middle ground for this denim wash is the sweet spot for this pairing. Dark denim looks great, but, I feel that it dressier and should be reserved for a date look — or if it’s your first time attempting a denim pairing with this type of shoe. 

Cobble & Hyde Finchley Kiltie Loafer

Cobble & Hyde Finchley Kiltie Loafer

Cobble & Hyde Finchley Kiltie Loafer

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