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Color Combo Style Tip: Embrace Indigo & Blue Green


Guys fall into three categories when it comes to wearing colors: I love colors “I’m a peacock” guy, isn’t black a color guy and the I wear a pink shirt once a month guy. There’s nothing with being any one of these guys, but, it may be time to investigate the color wheel. 

I dropped by the Ted Baker store at the King of Prussia Mall to grab a look that displayed a color scheme that I feel will complement most guys. The color scheme in blue-green & indigo blue.

Ted Baker 20% off sale

Guri Brogues in Brown – Ted Baker | Keen Dry Bomber Jacket – Ted Baker | Stover Slim Jeans (Rinse Denim) – Ted Baker | Britone Blue Belt – Ted Baker | Short Sleeve Emerald Green Pattern Shirt – Ted Baker 

Most guys would agree that dressing in a “uniform” is their  go-to when picking an outfit. When thinking of the base of this suit, the idea was to draw inspiration from an actual uniform. While walking the King Of Prussia Mall, they’re was a hoard of military academy cadets enjoying some free time away from campus. Outfitted in their crisply pressed navy blue uniforms,  I decided to take my inspiration from school uniform to execute this look.

To punch up the look, instead of opting for a traditional navy I went with the indigo rinse jeans and indigo bomber jacket. The color is richer tan navy as is actually brighter, without venturing into a cobalt territory. Below are some reason why adding a blue-green shirt makes this look work and why it’ll work for most guys (skin tones).

  • Blue green falls right new to blue on the color wheel. With heighten blue undertones, blue-green doesn’t create the harsh washout effect that traditionally happen with green’s yellow undertones
  • The rich tones of blue-green complement most skin tones from extremely fair to dark skin individuals because they’re soft in composition 
  • Pairing a blue-green shirt with an indigo jacket and pants is a modern way of breaking up a monochromatic look
  • The blue belt could have been overkill, however; since the blue falls on the cobalt end of the spectrum it acts as complementary divider to the look

Ted Baker 20% off sale


Ted Baker 20% off sale


Ted Baker 20% off sale


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