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Warm Weather Essential: The Lanieri Green Cotton Suit

Warm Weather Essential: The Lanieri Green Cotton Suit

In the search for a green cotton khaki suit, I was introduced to online e-tailor — Lanieri custom-made suits. Before getting deep into the styling of this suit, it must be addressed how much I loved designing this piece online. As with any online e-tailor, Lanieri offers a configurator that allows you, the customer, to design your suits (and other menswear garments). 

What has made Lanieri’s configurator options a standout among many competitors is:

  • Jacket pocket options – 5 options that include two patch pocket options
  • Half lined jackets are an option 
  • The button selection is amazing. Where many brands only offer one or two options for button types (over 40 options)
  • For a bit of help on choosing button & lining options, based on your fabric selection – you’ll receive suggestions on button choice & complementary linings
  • The configurator can get as intricate asking piping and stitching

These are a few of the features that stood out to me that set Lanieri apart from other online custom suit retailers. Below are 3 looks displaying some of the ways to style a green khaki suit.

Hues of Green, Brown & Blue 

lanieri custom made suits

Larusmiani  Cotton Custom Green Suit – Lanieri (available online) | Knit Tie & Plaid Pocket Square – Thomas Pink | Blue & Brown Gingham Shirt – Twillory | Brown Suede Loafer – Just A Men Shoe | Tokyo Blonde Tortoise Shell Sunglasses – Lookmatic 

Unlike the “regular” khaki suit colors (blue & navy), forest green is often an after-thought in warm weather suiting. Just as versatile, and having even a bit more character, the green khaki suit might actually help you amp up your cotton suit style in a subtle way. 

Here a few style tips for rocking a green khaki suit:

  • Know what colors work. Blue, brown, orange, lavender and white look best with forest green
  • Don’t be afraid of pulling together a tonal look. Different shades of green will look great together (just leave neon green out of this)
  • Sneakers. Yes, sneakers work with suit too. Blue or white sneakers complement this suit the best (but, try a traditional tan canvas sneaker too)
  • Embrace the wrinkles. 100% cotton suit will wrinkle, it’s inevitable
  • If you can, get the jacket made half or unlined
  • This color will transition perfectly to the fall. Pair an Oxford lace up with an earth toned colored sock and this suit will become your fall-favorite too (at least until the temperature drops below 50 degrees)

Some things I’ll look into having corrected in this suit

  • There’s a back measurement that is asked for when setting up your measurements profile, which was new to me for an e-tailor. After receiving the suit, my upper back width is slightly wider than expected, which is causing some of the gaping in the chest area. This can be adjusted at the tailor. 
  • I may have the thigh tapered slightly

Grading Lanieri

Overall, Lanieri is deserving of an A grade, based on: ease of use of their site & configurator, the number of suiting/details options available & strong customer service.

lanieri custom made suits

lanieri custom made suits

Polo Shirt & A Suit 

lanieri custom made suits

Custom Forest Green Khaki Suit – Lanieri (available online) | Pattern Polo Shirt – Michael Bastian x Uniqlo | Millbank Bit Loafers – Jay Butler 

lanieri custom made suits

lanieri custom made suits

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lanieri custom made suits

lanieri custom made suits

Tanks & Sneakers 

lanieri custom made suits

Custom Forest Green Khaki Suit – Lanieri (available online) | Blue & Green Striped Tank – Michael Bastian x Uniqlo | White Sneakers – Adidas | Plaid Pocket Square – Brooks Brothers

lanieri custom made suits

lanieri custom made suits

lanieri custom made suits

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  • Will you be doing a review on “Just A Men Shoe?”
    I’ve been seeing this brand getting some exposure, but haven’t really found any reviews on them yet. What are your thoughts?

  • I really dig that MBxUniqlo polo with the suit. Don’t see anything similar this year (only one style with a button-down collar), so I assume that was in last year’s batch?

  • Yo Sabir, when constructing the suit during the online process, what made you combine the formal vibe that peak labels bring along with the casual nature of patch pockets? The suit looks great and I always want to pick people’s minds about their design process when I see the final product.

    Btw, I haven’t been on the site in a while and I VERY much appreciate the re-vamp as long awaited. I can breath easier when I’m on here and can navigate much better. Great job!!

    • Hey Jeanscuffed,

      First and foremost, thanks so much for the kind words about the new site layout. It was time for a bit of a change. Trust me, I knew there was a need for better functionality.

      In regard to the suit, I like functionality over tradition. I tend to use my jacket pockets and patch pockets are easier to use. For my build, peak lapels work best for my proportions.

      – Sabir

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  • Hello,

    I just add my 2 cents about Lanieri. I just received my second shirt, after a wool-hemp blazer and another shirt.

    The Ibieffe denim azzuro is beautiful, the shirt is superbly crafted and sized perfectly.

    I need to say that I had a previous shirt to adjust the measurements via the chat customer service.

    The initial measures were taken in Italy, in their showroom in Roma.

    I for sure will be a long term customer of them.

    And if you allow me, if you use the code MOXFUFU when you make a 300 euros+ order, you will get a 100 euros discount, anytime, for anything !

  • This has been posted 2015, but this styles are still dominant today. Great outfit you rock it dude.
    This will be great to wear on our service

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