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This spring my travel schedule has been a bit extensive. I’ve driven to NYC from Philly, co-hosted an event for GQ at Bloomingdales and a few days later — I’m on a plane to San Francisco to co-host another event for GQ at the Gap for the launch of their “New Khakis”. Next up, I’ll be hitting Los Angeles, Atlanta and back to Philly. Needless to say, Men’s Style Pro has become a mobile enterprise. 

A few weeks ago, I received the Dell XPS Ultrabook (with Intel 5th generation core processor) and its now become my full-time computer. One of the reasons for this full-time switch (from my Macbook Air) is because of the XPS’ mobile battery-pack – The Power Companion

Dell Power Companion

Here’s the typical coffee shop scenario: you grab the last seat at Starbucks “Coffee Shop X” and without fail, it’s the one that’s miles away from a power outlet (hence it being the only open seat). That means, there’s no juice for my many mobile devices. Since I need to be patch into the web on the regular, I’ve relied on this super charging accessory to come rescue at least 3 times over the past month. Below are some reasons why the Power Companion has made me a Dell convert:

  • Holds a serious charge. Spec-wise, the Power Companion has a 12,000 mAh 4-cell battery. You’ll need to charge it with you laptop adapter prior to using it
  • It’s equipt with two USB ports that can charge a pair of devices simultaneously (as you can see I’m charging my cellphone & GoPro)
  • Has the ability to charge your laptop as well
  • It doesn’t need to be plug into an electric outlet
  • Size-wise, it’s slim enough to fit in my laptop sleeve without adding much bulk

Dell Power CompanionDisclaimer:  I was given the Power Companion by Dell, however; this is NOT a paid review. I just love the product!



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