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Brand Re-Review: ShirtCycle Part II

Brand Re-Review: ShirtCycle Part II

Shirt Cycle Review

Last summer, Men’s Style Pro introduced to the custom shirt online subscription service ShirtCycleFor some, the idea of a subscription custom shirt service was spot on, but, for some idea wasn’t easy to grasp. For me, there was a slight fit issue — in particular a tightness in the chest. Good news (for me at least), the fit issue has been addressed. If you visit the ShirtCycle site, you’ll see my grill all over it because I took them up on the chance to model for the brand after receiving my new shirts.

Shirt Cycle Review

My chest measurement & arm hole height of my test shirt. The “problem” was my chest blew up almost an inch (making those GAINS) and there was a slight slope to my shoulders that wasn’t initially caught. After that issue was addressed, I was happy with the end result. 

Typically, if you’re having a fit issue with your test shirt, here are the steps you’d take;

  • With the prepaid return slip, mail back your test shirt and they’ll personally alter it for free
  • After the adjustment is made to your ShirtCycle shirt at their New York headquarters, they’ll send it back to you
  • Moving forward, all of your shirts should fit just as you want
  • The great thing is that, out of everyone that has joined ShirtCycle (over 500 guys), there have been no returns after their initial alterations

Check out their How It Works video to get a better grasp on what a custom shirt subscription service with ShirtCycle is all about. 

Sabir M. Peele In ShirtCycle Shirt

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ShirtCycle Review


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