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Tech Review: The Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

Tech Review: The Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

DELL XPS 13 Ultrabook

It’s no secret that I spend a considerable amount of time using my computer on a regular basis running Men’s Style Pro. For the last three years, I’ve used a Macbook Air laptop, however; I was in the market for an upgrade and wasn’t opposed to change — which came in the form of the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook


(Let’s start things off with this disclaimer; Dell provided me with the XPS 13 Ultrabook for review, however; they did not pay for any endorsement from Men’s Style Pro.)

When I was college student, we were all provided with Dell laptops and I fell in love with the brand. Six years have gone by since my collegiate days and like many, I joined the Mac world. The Macbook Air 13 is the Dell XPS 13’s direct competitor (based of comparatives), so it was a perfect match to give this computer a try. When Dell reached out with the opportunity to review their “category killer” of a laptop, I jumped at the chance. Feel free to watch the video above & below for my review. Below are my favorite features of the XPS 13:

  • Overall Size: inside of this 11.6 inch frame, this laptop boast an 13.3 inch screen. Since, I’m on the go most day, having a smaller laptop that offers a sizeable screen is a plus
  • Quad HD+ Touch Screen: the touch screen is optional, but, if you decide to buy this laptop it’s a must have feature. As you can see in this video, I use the touch screen pretty often to view images at larger at a larger scale during the editing process
  • Infinity Screen (borderless): Initially, I didn’t think having a borderless screen was going to be that big of a deal, however; I was clearly mistaken. Watching videos has become somewhat of an experience
  • Start Menu: once you power on the XPS 13, you’ll be presented with a start menu that’s reminiscent of a tablet. You’ll have access to all of your computer’s app at your fingertips. I’ve organized my start window to with news features, most used applications and other random things that I like to use on command
  • Battery Life: on paper, the battery life is 15 hours. I’ve used this laptop multiple days without charging and I can see I stretch it to about 25 hours without charge (win!)
  • Speed: the XPS 13 is equip with a high performance 5th generation Intel® processor. What that really means — this computer is fast as hell. Yesterday, I uploaded 950 images in under a minute

Do you have more questions? Want to see product shots? You can find more info or buy a Dell XPS Ultrabook here

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Again, special thanks for the XPS 13 Ultra Book.



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