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Outerwear | Going Off White With Onassis Clothing

Outerwear | Going Off White With Onassis Clothing

Sabir Peele in Onassis Jackets

 [tps_header]One of the best ways to lighten up your outerwear in the warmer months, is to go with an off-white color. With the weather being in an in-between phase of cooler morning and evenings, but, warmer afternoons, a jacket may still be necessary. Instead of reaching for your trusted dark denim or varsity jacket, you might want to rethink your options. The two jackets in this feature are available at Onassis Clothing‘s website. Below are some tips to help you still them into your wardrobe. [/tps_header]

[tps_title]The Streetwear Contrast[/tps_title]

Sabir Peele in Onassis Clothing Bleached Denim JacketBleach Denim Jacket – Onassis Clothing (available online) | Black Series Crew Neck T-Shirt – Frank & Oak | Retro Phillies Snapback Hat – Nike Sport via Rally House | M33 Black Jeans – 3×1 | Flight Club 80’s – Jordan Brand (Nike) | Gold Watch – Peugeot 

Denim jackets are a true staple in everyone’s wardrobe, however; an off-white jacket will probably scare the hell out of most guys at first glance. What Onassis has done very well with this jacket is by going with the bleached look, the jacket itself isn’t stark white. Also, from a tailoring perspective the fit is tapered quite well in the torso. Traditional denim jackets are a bit boxy, which is flattering to anyone’s body. Below are some tips on styling a bleached denim jacket into your wardrobe.

  • Think about contrasting the jacket with the rest of your outfit. In this look, to give this all black look some life, the jacket (even though it’s absent of color) adds some pop to an other dark look
  • If contrasting with black is too drastic for you, think of pairing this jacket with navy chinos or layering it over a summer weight cardigan
  • This jacket pair great with a pair of worn-in, tailored cargo pants
  • Add accessories white color that are outside of the white spectrum (ie, good watch and red bracelet in this look)
  • As a guy, it’s best to avoid the all white denim look, unless your going for late 80’s rocker status. Women can pull off the look flawlessly

Sabir Peele in Bleach Onassis Jackets


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Sabir Peele in Bleach Onassis Jackets

Sabir Peele in Bleach Onassis Jackets


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