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Black Tie Wedding Season

Black Tie Wedding Season

Sabir Peele Wedding Season Featuring Enzo Custom Clothiers

[tps_header]With wedding season quickly approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to address the issue of “Black Tie”.  What black tie refers to a formal event held in the evening with the “black tie” dress code placed upon it. In the most formal of settings (i.e, weddings, balls or galas) the dress code of black tie is a black or midnight blue tuxedo with a bow tie. Understanding that every guy doesn’t own a tuxedo (or a black tuxedo to be specific), the rules of black tie have been modernized to include black suits. This post will address two options that may be get your through the upcoming wedding season. [/tps_header]  

[tps_title]The Midnight Blue Tuxedo by Enzo Custom Clothiers[/tps_title]  Enzo Custom Clothiers Midnight Blue Tuxedo

Midnight Blue Custom Tuxedo & Shirt – Enzo Custom Clothiers (Philly Location) | Vintage Satin Bowtie | Vintage Satin Cummerbund | Velvet Loafers – Fifth Season | Pocket Square – The Tie Bar 


The Midnight Blue Tuxedo

The prevalence of the midnight blue tuxedo has definitely reached it height in the last two years since Daniel Craig as, James Bond, donned one in the movie “Skyfall“. If you’ve paid any attention to any of the red carpet looks from some of your favorite actors, there has been a noticeable shift away from the traditional black tuxedo to it’s lighter blue counterpart. I designed this tuxedo two years ago at Enzo Custom Clothiers in Philadelphia and my reason behind it to have a tux that was slightly different, but, all the traditional trappings of classic black tuxedo. 

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Things To Consider When Selecting A Midnight Blue Tuxedo

  • Will you be in a few weddings that require a black, peak lapel tuxedo (you midnight blue tuxedo will not fit with the rest of the party). You may be wasting money on renting several tuxedo when you could have purchased a traditional black tuxedo.
  • Do you already own a black tuxedo or black suit? If so, a midnight blue tuxedo is a great option to switch up your formal look.
  • Are you getting it just to be trendy or do you think it’s the best option for you
  • Remember it’s still a tuxedo and you’ll want your lapel material to be black satin, just like a black tuxedo. 
  • Keep your bowtie fabric consistent with you lapel fabric (silk, satin or grosgrain)
  • Footwear: Wearing a tuxedo gives you the option of wearing a pair of tuxedo slippers is suede, velvet or patent leather. If none of these shoes are an option for you, a plain toe,  leather Oxford (loafer or lace up) can work as well. Be sure to shine this up before pairing them with your tuxedo. 
  • With any tuxedo, you will want to consider opting for a cummerbund or vest. I’ve opted for a cummerbund to bring in a hint of traditional formal wear.

Enzo Custom Clothiers Midnight Blue Tuxedo Enzo Custom Clothiers Midnight Blue Tuxedo

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