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Style News: Beck’s Live Beyond Labels

Style News: Beck’s Live Beyond Labels

Beck Live Beyond The Label

Art can be experienced via different mediums and platforms. Beck’s Live Beyond Labels has turned the labels on their bottles into a canvas for six artists to express just a small part of their creative vision. Each artist in this campaign comes from different walks of life and genres of what is considered to be art. The idea of living beyonds labels captures the end product of each artist, especially for those artists that we know in a different capacity than visual art. 

The six artist that are featured in this campaign are:

• Actor and Grammy award winning musician Kid Cudi
• Fashion designer and entrepreneur Marc Eckō
• Artist and musician Willis Earl Beal
• Multi-medium artists The Date Farmers
• Interactive digital duo TM Sisters
• Photographer William Hundley (Beck’s)

There are many messages that anyone can take away from the video with all the artists, but, the two segments that really stood out to me was Kid Cudi’s & Marc Ecko’s. Cudi reason for joining this campaign is “because I want to design a beer bottle! That’s cool right?!” Art at its purest form is primarily created to be seen by others and is created by inquisitive people. Even though Cudi’s statement is slightly vain, he follows it up with “talk to yourself and see what you want to tell, what type of story you want to tell”. When I created Men’s Style Pro, the story I wanted to tell was about my journey in menswear from my point of view. Now that the site has grown and the story I want to tell is growing beyond just my voice. 

Marc Ecko’s idea of creating a label that pushes the limit of the dimensionality speaks to the evolution of art, culture, people and style. Instead of living inside of a one-dimensional realm, Ecko creates the 3D model of what his vision for the label is to be. What I took from each artists’ label and story behind each design is that art is expansive, personal and full of curiosity. With so many medium available to present one’s creative ideas, who would have thought a beer bottle would be the next canvas. To check out the video of the Live Beyond Labels Campaign click HERE (or click the pictures below).


Becks Live Beyond The Label Kid Cudi

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Special thanks to Beck’s for providing the visual content for this feature.




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