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Weekend Essentials : The Weekender Duffle by Blue Claw Co

Weekend Essentials : The Weekender Duffle by Blue Claw Co


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Ezeiza Weekender by Blue Claw Co in British Tan

One common question that people have when they travel has to do with luggage. Does my bag qualify as a carry on? Will it hold up in bad weather? Is it possible to find a bag that is the right size, weather resistant, and stylish too? Blue Claw Co answered these questions with the Ezeiza Weekend that is offered in black, charcoal, navy, olive and British tan. We first introduced you to Blue Claw Co back in Augustwhen we stopped by their showroom in New York to check out their line first hand. Immediately we were impressed with the craftsmanship, quality material and the overall brand image of BCC. Adam Blitzer, founder and CEO of Blue Claw Co is dedicated to finding the best materials, and it’s evident when you handle their pieces. You may not find else anything like it in the market. As an added note, all the BCC pieces are constructed in the United States.


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De Gaulle Dopp by Blue Claw Co in British Tan

The De Gaulle Dopp is the perfect toiletry bag, and a great complement to the weekend bag. As with the Weekend, the Dopp comes in the same variety of colors. All of the pieces in the Urban Collection from Blue Claw Co are made from waxed canvas (get’s even better with age), brass features, full grain leather and their signature blue lining. If you are having trouble thinking of a gift to give for the holiday season or your need to refresh your luggage, give the Ezeiza Weekender and De Gaulle Dopp by Blue Claw Co a try.



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