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The Custom Tuxedo by Enzo Custom Clothiers

The Custom Tuxedo by Enzo Custom Clothiers

Enzo Custom Midnight Blue Tuxedo via Men's Style Pro

(Everything in burgundy is clickable)

As a man, one of the few times in your life that you want to look your best will probably involve wearing a tuxedo. Before you run to your nearest “chain” menswear shop to rent that trust, poly-blend tux, think about the person you will be accompanying. How much time did she put into her look? Do I really look my best with this rental? How many tuxedos have I rented so far? Do I plan to continue renting tuxedos? Does this tuxedo fit my body?

Around the fifth time you’ve rented a tuxedo within two years for a host of weddings or other black tie functions, you may have thought to yourself, “It’s time to purchase my own tuxedo”. Purchasing a tuxedo off the rack from some of the top designers may work for some guys, however; in most cases there may still be some added alterations that need to be done before you find the perfect fit. If you are tired of trying to make clothes fit you off the rack, invest in a custom tuxedo from Enzo Custom Clothiers (locations in Philadelphia & New York City).

Working with a custom clothier offers a fair amount of perks that are not available when buying off the rack. Here are some reasons to choose Enzo Custom Clothier as your tailor (if you are in the Philadelphia or NYC areas).

  • You will have your own custom tailor to meet with, take you measurements and answer your questions directly
  • Custom suits start at $495, custom tailored shirt start at $89, custom tuxedos start at $495 (a third of the price of most custom clothiers). Also, check out their custom belts, ties, top coats and trousers.
  • You have the option to create custom shoes
  • The small details are all included in your pricing (custom jacket linings, lapel choices, brace buttons, functional jacket sleeve buttons etc).
  • Most orders arrive within 3-4 weeks after placing your order. Schedule an appointment now and be ready in time for the end of some wedding and the beginning of fall wedding season.
  • Best prices, quality service and quality product
  • Gift certificates are available
  • Referral Program Available

To schedule an appointment in Philadelphia, contact Charles Smith (215) 988-9136 or via email (1601 Walnut Street, Phila, Pa 19103, suite 1007). To schedule an appointment in the New York City (501 5th Avenue, NY, NY 10017, suite 707) showroom, contact Eli Sved or Rafi Caroline (212) 370-7619 or via email

Check out this video of my day out in a tuxedo in Philly.


(Song featured: “Tears on my tuxedo by Robin Thicke – Album: Love After War (Interscope Records)

Custom Midnight Blue Shawl Collar Tuxedo by Enzo Custom Clothier (Philadelphia) –

Custom Green Gingham Tuxedo Jacket liningEnzo Custom ClothierCustom Monogram Shirt by Enzo Custom ClothierWhite Vintage Braces

Custom Monogram Shirt by Enzo Custom ClothierDetail: Function Buttons on Sleeve with Contrast Forrest Green stitch on bottom button-hole – Vintage Silk Bow Tie

Detail: “Men’s Style Pro” embroidered on under collar custom green felt

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Visit to check out custom clothing package or to set up an appointment. Follow Enzo Custom Clothier @EnzoCustom on Twitter, “Like” Enzo Custom Clothiers on Facebook. If you want to read a great feature about how to buy custom clothing, check out my friend, The Style Blogger’s, Comprehensive Guide to Buying Custom (Dan Trepanier).

Photo Credit/Video Credit: Marina T. Peele

Female Model: Dr. Cristiana Costa (Thanks for participating)




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    • Hi Thomas,

      When I designed this tuxedo, I went with out the waistcoat and cummerbund just on personal preference. I may go back and add a double breasted waist coast with a dropped U shape.

  • Hey Sabir I really like your tuxedo. It’s the perfect fit like you said. It’s not too tight or too loose. The inside fabric of the coat was pretty original. You said earlier that you made some adjustments with you custom tailor. Can you walk me through those adjustments a little bit?

    • Hi Impresario,

      For this tuxedo, I change the width of the lapels (made them bigger than the stocks size). I sized down the satin stripe on the pants. In terms of the jacket lining, I went with a gingham print. The sleeve cuffs on the jacket are functional, with the final button hole having a forest green stitch. The trousers have adjustable side tabs and buttons in side for braces. Also, I had the leg opening set to about 14.5-15 inches (of the rack pants probably run close to 17/18) All of this was done when I designed this tux with Enzo Custom Clothiers.

      • Thanks for the specific adjustments that you provided. I guess you met in person with Enzo Custom Clothiers for these adjustments. Unfortunately this can’t be done with people who don’t live in New York or Philly right?Also don’t you that a black suspender will work too?

  • Hi Sabir,

    I’m loving this post on tuxedos. Unfortunately with me being in the classical music industry, I cannot sport a tuxedo in the blue like you have here. Is there anyway to subtlety make your tuxedo ensemble stand out amongst the 80 other orchestra members that are also wearing tuxedos?


    • Hi Craig,

      A black tuxedo can still stand out very well. The one thing that will really make your tuxedo stand is a tailored fit. If you plan to go custom, take a look into your details (choice of lapels, lining, minor subtle contrasting button stitch on the sleeves).

      – Sabir

    • Hi Craig,

      I would think about changing up your lapels, a subtle design in your lining, contrast button stitch on your sleeves, satin on your breast pocket. Also, add a double breasted waist coat with a U-shape (instead of a v-shape when button).



  • This is an awesome post! I live in Philadelphia and I will definitely visit Enzo for a new tux. I’m very slim and find it extremely difficult to find a snug fit in stores.


    • Hi Mitch,

      I’m glad you like the feature and the tux. Don’t forget that you can get custom suits, shirts, trousers, shoes and coats too. Let them know that I’ve sent you. The number is in the feature.



  • Question Good sir,

    What are your thoughts on metal vs. cloth cufflink with a tux. I’ve heard a fabric cufflink can be acceptable, but concept seems a little too casual. Thoughts?


    • Hi CM,

      I would go with metal links for a tux. I’m usually pretty flexible with accessories, however; a pair of metal or gem stone links just are more polished for a tuxedo.

      – Sabir

  • Sounds like a great service and products. Where are you guys located? I service my clients in New York with a similar ‘come to you’ convenient way of doing their clothing shopping for custom suits and shirts. It’s great to know there are other professional clothiers around the country keeping America well dressed. Take care.

    My Best,

    Kevin Gomez

    personal Relations

    • Hi Kevin,

      Here are the locations:

      New York City Showroom

      At 501 Fifth Avenue, Ste. 707, New York, NY 10017

      Philadelphia Showroom

      At 1601 Walnut St, Ste. 1007, Philadelphia, PA 19103

      and one opening in Washington DC.



      • Maybe it’s my computer, as it looks a lighter shade of blue than my vintage midnight blue tux. An article I read said that midnight blue was blacker than black, especially in candlelight. (I have been told that the fabric uses a blue thread, as opposed to the usual red in the weave.) I never even knew that mine was midnight blue, until I wore it out in the sunshine and it took on a blue “aura”.
        My line of work requires the wearing of a tux. As I am interested in buying a new one and admire your pictured style, I was wondering if you had access to that very dark blue fabric.

      • I live near I-95 just north of Baltimore…My tux has to be very dark, as I am a tribute artist to Dean Martin, so the “look” is most important. My vintage midnight blue is in need of some satin replacement on the shawl collar. Perhaps if you saw it, you could advise on the repair and get an idea of the color, too. Thank you for help, by the way…

  • Hello Sabir

    I have to say, this is the best Midnight Blue Shawl Tuxedo version I have seen thus far. I have looked almost everywhere and I must say they did a great job. The Price seems pretty decent too

    Ok here’s the deal, I need to make the exact same type. Same material – wool, color – midnight blue, Same size of Shawl etc. I am currently out of the country but should be returning in Aug. My wedding is in Aug. I need the tux for my wedding…

    Who do I need to contact. Sent an email to the email addy in Jersey. No response yet. Sent an email to the email addy in New York. It was bounced back. Might be a problem with that email. I intend to give them a call this week….

    Got any suggestions for me???

    • Hi Herbie,

      Hi Herbie I’m very happy that you like the midnight bluw tuxedo. What is your closest location? Philadelphia or New York? I can have someone contact you immediately.


      • Not in the United States. But I am based in Maryland. Where did you make yours? New York or Philly? Would it be possible to have give them my measurements, size details etc and they can work with it.

      • Sabir,

        In all honesty, not that I dont trust DC designers, but I would prefer to do mine where you did yours.

        As I stated earlier, I wont be in the country till Aug, so im looking at sending my size details to whom ever and letting them work on it. Let me know your thoughts

  • Excellent post. Thanks, Sabir. . . very helpful as I scour the land for a dinner jacket for my upcoming nuptials. About ready to pull the trigger on this exact one from Enzo, however. . . I noticed that the padding on the shoulder is perhaps slightly overdone. It’s a beautiful tux but the separation between the curve of your shoulder and the end of the padding is somewhat pronounced (not to dis! You look extremely on point here, as ever.)

    Wondering if that is something Enzo could address when I meet with them or if the padding is standard, even in MTM?

    Thanks for any input and keep up the great work!

  • One thing I forgot to ask. . . I’ve noticed that the cloth looks appropriately black under certain lighting (in other candid photos of you in the jacket), but the shade of blue is quite a true blue in daylight. I understand that that is by design as it avoids the green shade black dinner jackets can take on in daylight, but I’m wondering if there is an option for a midnight that appears somewhat darker is daylight.

    Thanks again for any info and all the best!

  • Fantastic tuxedo perfect fitting perfect looks. I just love midnight blue color they does not only give you formal looks but make you looks appealing. It would be pleasure to have a tuxedo like above. Beyond my expectation!!!

  • Fantastic tuxedo perfect fitting perfect looks. I just love midnight blue color they does not only give you formal looks but make you looks appealing. It would be pleasure to have a tuxedo like above. Beyond my expectation!!!

    Blue Tuxedo for Sale

  • Such a fabulous collection you have especially the custom tailored suits,these are really trendy and i wanted to wear them,i hope i look like these models when i wear any of your above tuxedo.

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