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Brunello Cucinelli – The New King of Spring Outerwear

Brunello Cucinelli – The New King of Spring Outerwear

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Known as the “King of Cashmere”, Brunello Cucinelli has continued to create timeless, effortless and impeccably tailored Italian menswear pieces. Taking a step outside of the traditional cashmere sweater and blazer, I am here to present some of Brunello Cucinelli Spring 12′ outerwear all available at the Neiman Marcus Men’s Shop at the King of Prussia Mall. I have been a fan of Brunello Cucinelli for quite some time and these outerwear pieces have solidified my love for the brand. Cucinelli pieces evoke the spirit of the nonchalant but extremely stylish Italian gentleman, who many guys in the “sartorial” brain-trust have attempted to mimic over the past few years. While not jacking the Cucinelli style, this post will give you some ideas of how to add some of the Cucinelli Spring 12′ line into your own wardrobe.

Urban Safari

Sahara Jacket, Wool Knit Tie & Plaid Shirt by Brunello Cucinelli (available at Neiman Marcus Men’s Shop at the King of Prussia Mall) – Levi’s 521 Slim taper jeans – Brennan Shoes c/o Johnston & Murphy

The Sahara Jacket is the first outerwear piece featured by Cucinelli and  is a very modern twist on the safari style jacket. This jacket is unlined, equip with a cinch-able waist for a more tailored fit. One of my favorite features of this jacket is the functional buttons on the sleeves. If you are in the market for a rugged style jacket that can be paired with a suit or dressed down with jeans, the Sahara Jacket should be a definite option. As the weather attempts to transition into spring, the Sahara Jacket is extremely versatile and ready to be worn with just about anything.

Best Features of the Sahara Jacket:

  • The light-weight material
  • Cinchable waist
  • Functional Sleeve Buttons
  • Would be a great juxtaposition to wear with a well-tailored suit

Business As Usual

Navy Trench, Button Down Shirt & Wool Pocket Square by Brunello Cucinelli (available at Neiman Marcus Men’s Shop at the King of Prussia Mall) – Khaki Suit by Sons of Intrigue – Vintage Burgundy Pindot Tie by Christian Dior – Double Monkstrap Shoe by Mercanti Fiorentini

You can never go wrong with a classic navy trench coat. With a nicely placed breast pocket, this trench will allow you to add a pocket square to your look. Some people will scoff at the idea of rocking a pocket square in an overcoat; however, take a cue from our Italian counterparts and spice your look up. The tailored-fit of the waist and high arm holes on this trench are beautifully done and will make this the perfect trench to wear with a suit.

Some features of the trench:

  • Water-proof
  • Length hits mid-thigh (perfect to wear over blazers)
  • High arm holes
  • On the back of the coat are waist cinching buttons to give this trench a more tailored fit


One of the most popular men’s outerwear pieces that have popped up all over the blogosphere in the past two years is the downed-vest. With that Cucinelli flair, this vest boasts a well-tailored fit, breast pocket and rounded design at the edges. You will no doubt find many ways to rock this piece. Don’t be afraid to throw this vest over a denim jacket, pair it with a suit or over a button shirt.

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Benefits of the down-vest:

  • Great options for layering 
  • Perfect substitute for a jacket when the weather isn’t extremely cold
  • Non-restrictive on the arms
  • With the breast pocket on this particular vest you can add a pocket square for that gentlemanly touch that you would get with a blazer

Lightly Down Vest & Pocket Square by Brunello Cucinelli & Ray-Ban Shades (available at Neiman Marcus Men’s Shop at the King of Prussia Mall) -Denim Jacket by Levi’s Size 38 – Chinos by H&M – Canvas White Sneakers by Lands End Canvas

Special thanks to Neiman Marcus Men’s Shop at the King of Prussia Mall for providing these Cucinelli Spring 12′ pieces


Sabir M. Peele

Photo Credit: Marina T. Peele

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