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The Routine: Men’s Style Pro Becoming Men’s Style Pro

The Routine: Men’s Style Pro Becoming Men’s Style Pro

Recently, a client of mine asked me, “How do you put your looks together? Is there a set formula that you follow or is it just intuition?” Since we were having a video conversation using Skype, I didn’t want the racing thoughts in my mind to show up as confusion on my face. With a somewhat quick and not too rehearsed answer, I responded, “When I put my outfits together I almost always have a concept of how I want to look in mind, but, I never know exactly what I want to wear. The details of every outfit that I wear usually come to me right when I wake up and I grab random pieces that complete my idea and complement each other.” Seeming satisfied with that answer, we moved forward with the consultation.

As a man that prides himself on being well put-together, I decided to take you through a part of my process of getting ready in the morning. The funny thing is that when I get ready I operate in a robotic fashion that is comparable to a printing press machine. Some things that you need to know about my neurotic sense of style:

  • It takes me 10 minutes to get dressed.
  • Ironing my clothes is one of my favorite things to do in life and is very relaxing. When possible I iron my wife’s clothes too!
  • When I lay in bed in the morning I visualize what’s in my closet and that’s how I decide what I am going to wear.
  • Just about 32 pairs of shoes in my closet.
  • I prefer clothes with clean lines.
  • I don’t take my style to seriously, but, most people think I do.
  • Strongly believe that when a woman compliments your style, you are doing something right! Be sure to thank her.
  • I will always lay out my clothes on the bed and stare at them for a solid minute before putting them on (just give my last thumbs up before putting them on).

Linen Blazer by Andrew Velasco (via Ebay for $12) – Gingham Spread Collar Shirt & Loop Belt by H&M – Calfornia Knit Wool Tie via ebay (1st one I purchased 4 years ago) – Khaki Trouser from suit by Sons of Intrigue – Orange Socks by J.Crew


Before heading to bed, I do my best to watch the local news to see what’s going on in the world and to check the weather. My style is greatly influenced by my environment and knowing what the skies will bring is slightly important. Being an “east coaster”, I am use to harsh winters and extremely hot summer; however, this unseasonably warm winter has me tinkering with my seasonally warm-weather gear a bit earlier than expected. Mid-February, 65 degrees and sunny lead me in the direction of rocking a linen, double-breasted blazer and khaki trousers to work last week and I couldn’t have been happier.

Ushering in the Spring

Shades via Ebay (around $9)

Blue & White Cotton Pocket Square by Merona from Target

Often, I carry a leather notebook around with me to jot down my ideas on concepts for my site, future business endeavors or if I want to draw something. As a kid, I considered myself a sketch artist for a time period. During my middle school years I was a comic artist for the school’s newspaper. Keeping myself in check, I am not Picasso, however; I can definitely draw up some figures in menswear in a heartbeat.

Customizable Notebook by ARC from Staples – Rose Gold Watch By Michael Kors – Cabarris Penny Loafers by Johnston & Murphy

Photo Credit: Marina T. Peele

Thanks for reading and getting deeper into the mind of Men’s Style Pro,

Sabir M. Peele

Twitter: @MensStylePro – Email:

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