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Just a Wurkin Stiff

Just a Wurkin Stiff

Recently, the great people at Wurkin Stiffs were kind of enough to send me a pair of their magnetic Power Stays (collar stays). Collars stays are the plastic or sometimes metal strips that men insert into the under-collar of their shirts to keep them rigid. We all know that it is almost impossible to unbutton the top two buttons of your collared shirt, while not wearing a tie, and have your collar stay in place (unless you are wearing a button down collared shirt). No one wants to look like the guy straight out of the disco era, with their shirt collar laying over their blazer lapels.Most guys want an easy way to ditch the tie, loosen a few buttons and head to happy hour after work. By using Wurkin Stiffs Power Stays, you can now wear your collared shirt and hold your collar close to your neck by placing the tiny magnets, that accompany the stays, inside of your collar.

Leather Briefcase by Kenneth Cole | Loafers by Robert Wayne
Knit Tie by Nautica | Plaid Shirt by DelSiena from Daffy's | Tie bar by Geffrey Beene
Donegal Blazer by H&M

Lets face it, when your shirt isn’t buttoned to the top of your neck with a tie and you’re not rocking a button down collar, it is very difficult to look casual and cool. After work, sometimes I want to unwind with an icecream cone (yeah I like icecream) or an ice cold Coke (probably has a few splashes of rum in it). There is nothing worse than taking off your tie and your shirt collar is flapping around or suddenly realizing the tips of your collar are now on your shoulders. Here are some reasons why Wurkin Stiffs are a great addition to your shirt collar:

  • When your shirt is unbuttoned and your collar is not fastened down by buttons, you will lose the framing quality that your collar has for your face.
  • When your favorite shirt isn’t a button down collar shirt and you want that button down look, Wurkin Stiffs are the answer.
  • Under a blazer, the end of your collar will tuck effortlessly under your lapels. This will add some structure to your relaxed look.
Old School Coke Bottle || White Pocket Square by Merona || Jeans by HM
Leather Belt by Express
Wurkin Stiffs in Collar

Be on the lookout for the upcoming Wurkin Stiffs Power Stay Giveaway via Men’s Style Pro. You could win a pair of Power Stays (Pictured Below).

Thanks to the Wurkin Stiffs staff as well as my photographer Marina T. Peele.

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