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Recent Happenings: Wisconsin Ave – Washington DC

Recent Happenings: Wisconsin Ave – Washington DC

Recently, I was in the Washington DC area for a wedding and I had the opportunity venture around Wisconsin Avenue. Wisconsin Avenue is probably most comparable to a Rodeo Drive with stores like Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Cartier lining the streets. I did pop into the Ralph Lauren Flagship store and I have to say it may be the most beautiful store that I have ever seen. While strolling near my hotel, I found an awesome park with some great statues and I thought it was appropriate to take a picture with at least one of them.

The statues in this area of Washington DC add a welcoming aesthetic value to area and make for great pictures. I wonder how many people come and take funny/inappropriate pictures with these statues?

Over the years, I have become partial to statues of people because of where I attended college (Ursinus College). Ursinus has a fair amount of statues of people just hanging out on campus. There is a famous (or infamous) statue of an older woman sitting on a bench knitting that will catch you off guard on those late night walks through campus.

The Wedding:

Outside of the Church before the wedding

For this wedding I decided to go with a simple black and white look. As you can see I am actually wearing a black suit instead of a tux with a bow tie. The reason for choosing a suit over a tux is that: 1. I don’t own a tuxedo and 2. I say if you keep the fit tailored and the accessories minimal your black suit can double as a tux.  For my footwear I opted for a loafer instead of a lace up because I like that particular look better for me.

Here is a sneak peek of the Ralph Lauren Dressing Room

Dressing room at Ralph Lauren in DC



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