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Meeting Mr. Domenico Vacca

Meeting Mr. Domenico Vacca

Today, I had the opportunity to meet acclaimed designer, Mr. Domenico Vacca. Through the power of Twitter I saw that he posted that he was having a trunk show in Philadelphia and of course I had to be there. It was a quick 15 minute trip from my office to the trunk show so it gave me time to prepare myself to bear witness to a dazzling area of fine custom and ready to wear men’s attire. When setting up this meeting I had to contact Mr. Vacca’s assistant Oliver, who I know I would be meeting today. Once I arrived at the location, I expected to meet with a few representatives from the Domenico Vacca company, however; I actually go to meet and hang out with Mr. Domenico Vacca himself.

This will go down in history as one of my favorite and most inspiring encounters in my life. Just learning about the Vacca brand and the process, while understanding the passion that Mr. Vacca puts in his work was truly something that stands out in a world of cookie cutter brands. Being that Domenico Vacca does some ready to wear clothing I was able to try on a few suit jackets and sport coats. Once I had those coats on they just didn’t want to leave my body (or I really didn’t want them to leave my body).  Here are some pictures below from my meeting with Mr. Domenico Vacca.

Meeting Domenico Vacca

Myself with Domenico Vacca

Domenico Vacca prepping the sport coat for me to try on
Sport Coat by Domenico Vacca (Fit me straight off the mannequin)
Suit Fabrics
Rack of Suits and Sport Coat by Domenico Vacca
Custom Shirts and Ties by Domenico Vacca

Be sure to head to for more product information, videos and pretty much what ever you need.

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  • SP,
    I can’t express to my fellow readers how HUGE this meeting is! Mr. Vacca is one of the great ones in men style and design. Please give us readers any insight and knowledge that you gained from this style giant. Although I don’t have the coin to purchase his pieces, I find myself gaining inspiration from his collections. Continued success to you!
    Be Well,

    • Carter,

      This meeting was a life inspiring experience. Just have the 40 minutes to sit down and pick his brain a get into his world of what style is was amazing. The key thing I took from him was that you can pretty much do anything you want if you have the drive and put an emphasis on quality. Thanks for always coming by Men’s Style Pro, Carter. Be sure to past my blog on to others.



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