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The Luxury Male Event – History Was Made

The Luxury Male Event – History Was Made

Clifton Wilson (Armstrong & Wilson), Myself, Ontario Armstrong (Armstrong & Wilson)

On May 6th, I had the opportunity to be apart of the Luxury Male Event as one of the featured stylists for the Banana Republic Notable Men’s Runway Show at the breath taking Comcast Center in Philadelphia. Big shout out to the head stylists for the event Sheila and Gio for letting me assist them with the show. The event went off without a hitch and it was a pleasure to have so many people come out to support the Philadelphia Brotherhood Rescue Mission, as well as, taking in some great men’s style at the same time. In the picture of above, you will see myself with the founders of Armstrong & Wilson (pocket squares and soon adding bowties) who were one of the featured vendors for the night. There was a variety of notable men from Philadelphia Eagles Jorrick Calvin to model and entrepreneur Michael Reynolds just to name a few. Not to mention these men were featured in the Notable Men Runway that I had a blast helping to organize and style.

Cameron Washington, Sama Shuhaibar and Myself

The man on your left is the amazing Cameron Washington, the creator of the Luxury Male event and all around very stylish and kind guy. Recently, Cameron released his book, Life with Style, “Guide to living life with Style & Detail” which is on sale through the As mentioned in the previous post leading up to this event, a portion of the proceeds was donated to the Philadelphia Brotherhood Rescue Mission , which helps to provide housing, meals and clothing to homeless men in Philadelphia. It was a pleasure to meet some of the guys from the mission and to see how high-spirited someone can be even when the chips are down.

Below you will find pictures from the event. Enjoy!! 

J.Hilburn Custom Men's Clothier ( Contact Mary Lou Cummings - in Philly)
Howard R. Jean (in Banana Republic Runway Show)

With Darhel Anthony of
Ryan Anthony (Image Consultant) Notable Mens Runway Show
Armstrong & Wilson Pocket Squares
Kharisma McIlwane of The CW Philly (Host of the Luxury Male Event)
Great Look!
With the Armstrong & Wilson display
With Clifton Wilson, Cameron Washington and Ontario Armstrong

For more pictures of this amazing event click: Luxury Male Event Pictures (via Facebook).

This was a great event and there will be more events to come.



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