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Check out an excerpt from the recent article “Philly’s Finest: A Conversation with Sabir Peele” by Colena Golson of

“Ever since moving to Philadelphia in 2007, I’ve noticed that Philadelphians have their own sense of style; set apart from any of the other major cities in the Northeast. Being from Northern New Jersey, I grew up thinking that New York was the end all, be all when it came to fashion, but seeing, living, and breathing in this city for the past four years has opened my eyes to a whole new fashion scene. Both men and women from Philadelphia are immediately identifiable by their wardrobe; but I have to admit that at times, I feel like the men are the real trendsetters in this city. As I seek to delve deeper into the Philly fashion scene, I had the pleasure of recently interviewing fellow stylist and fashion writer Sabir Peele who is no exception to this rule; personifying what it means to be flawlessly fashionable.

As a North Philadelphia native, Mr. Peele said he always realized that he would be destined for a career involving fashion.” READ MORE……

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