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Style Tip : Getting To Know YOUR Style Basics

Style Tip : Getting To Know YOUR Style Basics

Sabir in Hugh & Crye Sal OCBD

Being in the menswear blogosphere, I’ve read and created many features where I talk about, “You Gotta Know The Style Basics”. Knowing “THE” basics can often put the average guy in a limiting box of someone else’s ideas. By no means am I telling you to stop reading Men’s Style Pro (thanks for all the reader support), but, I’m telling you to start thinking about what “YOUR” basics are. 

Sabir in Hugh & Crye Sal OCBD

 The Sal Button Down Shirt – Hugh & Crye | Grey Cotton Double Breasted Jacket – Sottono (shop similar here) | Photographer White Pants – Express | Red & Blue Cotton Loafers – Rivieras| White Pocket Square with Blue Edge – The Tie Bar | Gold-Tone WatchPeugeotRibbon Belt – Frank & Oak (similar here) | 502 Gray Fade – TVR Optus 

After visiting Italy last year for the menswear tradeshow, Pitti Uomo, I took many style notes from my Italian friends as we all peacocked around the #PittiWall. One thing that most of these style juggernauts all preached to me was to get to know what you are most comfortable in and what’s your uniform. Since I’m often fully suited, but, have more of an active lifestyle, I tend to lean toward a tailored casual style. As I honed in on that specific side of my style, it was apparent that a few things are “my” basics (which may not be the same for all guys). Below is a break down of my basics;

  • The Button Down Collar Shirt: The shirt featured in this post is called “The Sal” by Hugh & CryeThe button down shirt has become my staple because of its practicality. Bridging workwear & casual wear, the button down shirt has gotten me out of few jams (waking up late in the morning for work). 
  • White Pants : If you’ve been following the site for some time, you’ll see that I wear white pants a lot. For the average guy white pants are a no. For me, white pants are an essential piece of my wardrobe because I wear them all year. During the Spring, Summer & Fall I’m either wearing chinos or a cotton twill (like the ones featured here from Express) and switch to white denim in the late-fall and winter months. There’s a simplicity to wearing white pants that suits my personality and lends itself to my tailored and sporty sides. 
  • The Loafer: To be honest, I’m pretty sure that I own more shoes without laces than with. Ranging from structured Italian leather to these cotton kicks by Riverias, loafers have become one of my staples because they have an inherent casualness but the respect of lace up.
  • Double Breasted Blazers: I fell into the Double Breasted Blazer illuminati trap and I’m happy that I did. DB’s give off a level of confidence that I find intriguing and suitable to my personality. I’ll rock them as a straight piece of outerwear, layered with a puffer vest or as a suit separate. 
  • Sunglasses: Yeah, I wear them all the time. Mostly for sun protection, but, partially for style purpose, sunglasses have always been a part that “extra 10% percent”. During a recent photo shoot, I was fortunate enough to be gifted a pair of  TVR Optus sunglasses by the brands creative director Chun-Kai Shih (aka Chunky). 

This is just a small glimpse into my style basics. No matter what your basics might be,take some time out to have your pieces properly tailored to fit your body. Once you’ve locked down the proper fit your basics won’t look so basic. 

Below i’ve added a SHOP THIS LOOK Section with pieces from the feature and similar items, so be sure to check it out.

Sabir in Hugh & Crye Sal OCBD

Sabir in Hugh & Crye Sal OCBD

Sabir in Hugh & Crye Sal OCBD

Sabir in Hugh & Crye Sal OCBD

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