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Wear your Turtleneck Sweater like a man (lumberjack part II)

Wear your Turtleneck Sweater like a man (lumberjack part II)

Lands End Turtleneck Cashmere/Cotton Sweater, Gap Scarf, Captoes by Aldo

Typically, when you see a man wearing a turtleneck sweater it is a bit chunkier and very corded to off the, “I’m a retired fishmerman” look. Not to say that the chunky sweater look isn’t awesome, but, sometimes you want your look to be a bit more understated and laid-back. Lands End offers a great Cashmere & Cotton blend turtleneck sweater that offers great warmth and very laid back style.


Lands End Therma Check Shirt Jacket

Going with a simple color is the best bet when picking a turtleneck sweater. The reason for going with a simple color is that you can use outerwear (blazer, shirt jacket, or loose fitting belted cardigan) to make the sweater standout. Also, if you haven’t noticed, most of the high popping colors are a bit more feminine. Making your way through the winter, you will want to have a few go to items that you can throw on that will guarantee you will stand out style-wise and stay weather appropriate without all the bulk.


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Making a second round with the Lands End ThermaCheck shirt jacket you can get a better idea of how to use outerwear to enhance the look of the turtleneck sweater. Also, being in the theme of staying warm in this great weather pick up a good assortment coffee, teas and hot chocolate up from your local grocer because you do not know what this East Coast winter weather will bring.

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