Men's Style Pro in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

City Style Inspired: Colors Of Old San Juan Puerto Rico


Techni-Color Winter

Bring Life To Those Cold, Grey Days


As the winter continues to drag on, a quick trip to a tropical location is the easiest to save your sanity. Recently, on a family trip to Puerto Rico (my wife’s family is from there), I took a stroll through Old San Juan to basque in the sun and of course the beautifully painted facades of the buildings.

Being my second trip to P.R., I’ve had the imprint of the these vibrant colors in my head for some time. So, I knew that packing at least one look inspired by these hues would be the right move. 

Photography Marina T. Peele

Men's Style Pro in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

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Floral Silk/Cotton Blend Shirt – 28 Palms | Clubmaster-style Tortoise Shades – Warby Parker | Straw Hat – Dobbs 1908 | Custom Wheat Linen Trousers – Oliver Wicks | Tassel Loafer- Paul Evans NY Mid-Century Watch – Todd Snyder x Timex


It’s easy to put together an aloha-shirt look and fall into “I’m a tourist on vacation” garb. So, to avoid being a walking billboard of vacation sadness, here’s a few tips to executing a leisure trip worthy fit:

How To “Untourist” Your Tropical Style

  • The aloha shirt is trending like crazy, which means you should definitely wear one. However; find a slimmer fit or even have the torso tapered slightly. This isn’t your dad’s T.Bahama style shirt. Ballooning shirts are a sign of a last minute purchase 
    • Role your sleeves to mid-bicep: See any musician/actor of the moment or the villian in the 2nd Karate Kid movie
  • Find colors and patterns that complement your skin and also the location. This isn’t really a time for novelty shirts with big lobsters all over them. 
  • Skip the light wash (almost white) linen pants and opt of a deeper wheat color. Also, remember a tailoring goes a long way, so taper those pants from the knee down. It’s called a progressive taper. 
  • Unless you’re on the beach (where you’ll probably be barefoot), a nice loafer or minimal white sneaker will keep the look clean and cool

Men's Style Pro in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Men's Style Pro in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Men's Style Pro in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Men's Style Pro in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Men's Style Pro in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

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