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#AskADopeChick w/ Anastasia Wohar

#AskADopeChick w/ Anastasia Wohar

Anastasia Wohar #AskADopeChick

Welcome To #AskADopeChick

As I’ve navigated the menswear & lifestyle journey, I’ve always found inspiration in dope women. Because of that appreciation of stylish and strong-willed women, it was a no brainer then to highlight them. That’s how the video series #AskADopeChick was born. 

#AskADopeChick with Anastasia Wohar

The inaugural dope-chick is my best friend, Anastasia Wohar. As young coeds, we met within the first few days of our freshman year of college in 2004. We’ve spent time as teammates on our college’s track & field team and years later she was one my most cherished guests at my wedding. 

Today, she is an accomplished attorney and a bad-ass marathon runner. Because of her attention to detail & style, I often ask her input on menswear & other random shit. To learn more about Anastasia, watch the video above or click #AskADopeChick x Anastasia. She’s kicking advice on men’s style, dating and running!

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