Black Tuxedo Pant: NYE’s Style Hero 3 Ways

New Year’s Eve is upon us and you’ve run out of ideas of how to look fresh on this night of all swaggered out party nights. You might want to get super fancy, slightly fancy or not that fancy, but, you still want to look damn good. Here to save you from NYE style conundrum is the black tuxedo pant. 

Photography Lauren McGrath 

The Tuxedo Remix 

Black Tuxedo Pant: NYE Style Hero 3 Ways

Green Plaid Dinner Jacket, Pleated Bib Tuxedo Shirt, Black Tuxedo Pants – Tallia Orange for Lord & Taylor | Satin Bowtie – Ebay | Black Velvet Tuxedo Slipper – 5 Element

You’re the lucky one that’s been invited to a formal NYE party or wedding. Bravo! But, you hate the idea of wearing a traditional tuxedo, so what are your formal option? Call this option formal with character!

Keep the black tuxedo pants & remix your look with a patterned dinner jacket. You’ll show off your fun personality and your sartorial know-how.

Because your event is most likely taking place in the evening, opt for a plaid jacket in muted colors. We know that you’re peacocking to get that kiss at midnight, but, there’s no reason to look like a clown.

Black Tuxedo Pant: NYE Style Hero 3 Ways

Black Tuxedo Pant: NYE Style Hero 3 Ways

The Luxe Factor

Velvet, nothing but velvet. NYE is a time for opulence, so leave those leather Oxford shoes for the office and rock a pair of velvet tuxedo slippers.

Rat Pack Vibes  

Black Tuxedo Pant: NYE Style Hero 3 Ways

Pattern Short Sleeve Shirt – C21 Stores | Black Tuxedo Pant – Tallia Orange | Gold Fairfield Watch – c/o Timex | Gold Bracelet – APC | Westminster Tassel Loafer – Cobble & Hyde 

MSP-Styled! And, we hope this look would be Sammy Davis Jr approved! The Rat Pack gang did patterned short-sleeved shirting better than anyone and pulling inspiration from their style for your NYE look is a modern homage worth attempting. 

Your black tuxedo pants act as a blank canvas for your look, so rock them like a slim pair of jeans. To make the pattern shirt work with this look, always look for one with a white base and a maximum of 4 colors. 

Black Tuxedo Pant: NYE Style Hero 3 Ways

The Midas Touch

Adding touches of gold to this look enhances the old-school vibe and truly gives off a bit of sex appeal. The key with anything that’s verging on “sexy” is to never do too much. A simple gold watch and link bracelet are enough. 

Black Tuxedo Pant: NYE Style Hero 3 Ways

Streetwear-Inspired, Champagne Approved

Black Tuxedo Pant: NYE Style Hero 3 Ways

Black Tuxedo Pant – Tallia Orange | Leopard Pattern Sweatshirt – French Connection | Black Leather – Topman | Black & White Leather Sneakers – Sebago | Wool Banded Watch – Timex

You got the call for a last minute, NYE house party and the vibe is stylishly casual. To be honest, What The F*ck does that mean? This is a time to get creative (and comfortable) with your outfit, but, that doesn’t mean DIY creative. 

Using your black tuxedo pants as your base, style the rest of your look around something that you’d rock to a cool bar. For some flair, a patterned sweatshirt helps you standout from the guys that really didn’t try with their look and rock a busted t-shirt. 

Ditch the dress shoes for a minimal sneaker that grounds the look. Finally, for some edge add a leather moto jacket before walking out the door. There may be bar hopping in your future, so jacket is a must on this chilly NYE night!

Black Tuxedo Pant: NYE Style Hero 3 Ways

Black Tuxedo Pant: NYE Style Hero 3 Ways

Black Tuxedo Pant: NYE Style Hero 3 Ways

Cheers To A Dope 2017

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