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MSP Endorses: The Hunter Green A22 Carry by Raden

MSP Endorses: The Hunter Green A22 Carry by Raden

Raden A22 Carry Triple Picture

Because the travel gods have blessed us with the most stylish & functional suitcase of all-time!

Raden A22 Carry Triple Picture

A22 Carry $295

Raden has been touted as the smart luggage” brand set to disrupt the market. While I wholeheartedly agree with that designation, however; I feel that Raden is the design brand that will make the market look great again (while traveling). Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with head of PR and Partnerships about the brand and it’s mission, but, throughout the entire phone call I couldn’t take my mind of their A22 Carry (rolling suitcase) on their site. 

As a frequent traveler, there are three things that I look before selecting a carry-on (or any piece of luggage): Size & Weight, Design Aesthetic & Functionality. Each of these markers are stand out features in the A22 and make it a no brainer to pick-up. Plus, the price point rivals luxury brand prices for a duffel bag. 

Size & Weight

There’s nothing worst than the guessing game of does my carry-on meet TSA size standards! Measuring at 22″x14″x9″ inches, it fits within the carry-on standard, while weighing in at a light 8.4 lbs.

Raden A22 Carry

Design & Aesthetic

With a clean outer shell, the look reminds me of the spaceship from the Michael Jackson x Janet Jackson video for their collaboration song – “Scream” (and that’s a good thing). With slightly rounded edges, this carry-on is a positive step forward in the future of fashionable travel.

Crafted from Makrolon® Polycarbonate material, the outer shell is extremely strong and flexible — you can even jump on it (we’re not suggesting that you do it) and the size doesn’t change no matter how much you stuff it. 

Lastly, there are 8 color ways to satisfy your style needs! I’m partial to hunter green because it stands out with being obtrusive. 

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Raden A22 Carry


There’s no doubt that the A22 is aesthetically pleasing (I’d even goes as far as aesthetically superior than most), it’s also a technological wonder. With two USB ports you can charge up your digital devices and become the envy of everyone desperately waiting for an outlet to open up at the airport. 

For the times you need to check your bag (packed too many non-travel sized toiletries), the handle doubles as a scale that sends the weight to your smartphone Raden app. No more overweight luggage charges for you!

For the tech obsessed (which is all of us), the Raden app not only allows you to see a readout of your bags weight, you can now “track” your bag via Bluetooth. You won’t be able to see the travel history of your bag, but, you’ll be able to tell if your bag made it on the plane.

Raden A22 Carry Packed Picture

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