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Diadora’s #MakeItBright 1500km Relay Through Europe

Diadora’s #MakeItBright 1500km Relay Through Europe

Diadora N9000

Runners, it’s time to lace up your kicks and make a trip to Europe for the ultimate relay brought to you by the famed Italian sneaker brand — Diadora.

N9000 Made IN Italy Diadora


In celebration of the SS16 launch of their N9000 sneaker, Diadora has put together the #MakeItBright 1500km relay (932 miles!!) from their headquarters in Caerano San Marco Italy, through France and finishing in Barcelona Spain. Anyone can sign up to be apart of this relay, however; the deadline to register is this Friday, January 29th. Click here to register. 

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Spanning 9 days, February 11th through the 19th the relay will include star runners from Italy, Germany, Spain, France, UK, Japan, Netherlands and the US. If you sign up, you’ll also be joining 80 local runners and 8 hero runners. This is truly a once in a lifetime experience, so if you feel like you’ve got the legs, endurance & your passport this is your chance to run across Europe — Forrest Gump Style

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