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Fall Favorites: Brown Plaid Tweed Suiting & Green Knitwear

Fall Favorites: Brown Plaid Tweed Suiting & Green Knitwear

Oliver Wicks Check Tweed Suit

Stylistically, there are four things that drive my passion for fall – heavy weight fabrics, knitwear, layering and earth tones. That’s not to say that there aren’t other things that pique my style interest during this time of year (others are boots, hats, leather jacket & women in sweater dresses), but, those are my standout. When I approached this feature, I originally shot a few looks, however; I wanted to give you some insight into one of my particular favorite fall looks – the brown plaid suit with green accents.

The suit featured here is one of Oliver Wicks newest Shetland tweed fabrics that’s available online.
Oliver Wicks Check Tweed Suit

Custom Shetland Tweed Brown Plaid Suit – Oliver Wicks || Fine Gauge Sweater & Hat – Topman || Light Blue Denim Shirt – Uniqlo || Sea Dragon Watch – Zodiac via hook+Albert || Custom Green Double Monk Strap Shoes – Jaimie Jacobs 

Let’s start with my love of plaid Shetland tweed. As one of the softer & more casual tweeds, Shetland speaks to my love of casual suiting. Often I’m in a full suit and tie, but, during the fall I prefer a tweed suit and knitwear (sweater/sweat shirt). With a stately flair, a plaid check on a brown tweed suit reminds me of all the images of British gents heading out for a bit of hunting or a weekend ride on their horses. 

Neither one of those activities describes my weekend, however; I’m a fan of the heritage. When styling the color brown especially one with a noticeable texture like tweed, pairing rich earth tones like forest green, burgundy and orange are a can’t miss. Below are a few style tips to help you execute this type of look.

Style Tips For Pairing Green Accents w/ Brown Tweed Suiting

  • Color Family: your green accents don’t have to match, but, they should be in the same color family. Variation in your green pieces will make this look more cohesive, instead of matchy
  • The Solid Colored Shirt Break Up Piece: Notice the light denim shirt peeking from under the turtleneck sweater? A solid color denim or Oxford shirt is the perfect break up from the monotony of the green sweater without bringing much attention to itself
  • Dark Footwear Is Crucial: The green shoes might be overkill, however; if you’re going to try this look, keep the shoe dark green. An olive green shoe (see color of hat) would have been consumed by the suit pattern and they wouldn’t provide a grounding base for the patterned suit
  • Understand Texture: a textured fabric suit like tweed need complementary text shirting like a knit sweater, flannel or Oxford shirt to reach it’s maximum potential. Save your poplin shirt for the spring or your worsted wools

Oliver Wicks Check Tweed Suit

Oliver Wicks Check Tweed Suit

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Oliver Wicks Check Tweed Suit

Oliver Wicks Check Tweed Suit

Photography: Marina T. Peele @cantwinklefty

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