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Let’s Eat (And Learn To Cook) With SALTED

Let’s Eat (And Learn To Cook) With SALTED

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Food. We all eat it, but, many of us are terrible at creating a dish. From a poor understanding of seasoning to straight up burning the hell-out-of everything you toss into a frying pan — there’s now an answer to your rumbling stomach’s prayers. Swooping in like a digital Darkwing Duck to bestow upon you the dangerously awesome skills to make you a culinary master is SALTED

Think of SALTED as the new approach to cooking school that you can actually attending right from your kitchen. All you’ll need is a laptop, tablet or smart phone to watch the well-produced tutorial videos.  Over 100+ of the country’s acclaimed chefs including one of my favorites, Gregory GourdetTop Chef season 12 runner-up, are now at your fingertips. From taking cooking courses, learning different skills, or learning how to prepare a specific recipe, SALTED will become your new culinary addiction (and hopefully make you a better cook). Also, if you’re having a recipe emergency or questions, there’s a Chef Hotline that you can dial up!

At $10 a month or $99 for a year subscription, which is way less than what you’d spend at most restaurants on a dinner for two, you’ll become the chef of your culinary fantasies. As a special offer to Men’s Style Pro readers, get your first 2 MONTHS FREE by signing up at using the code STYLEPRO’ at checkout (code expires 9/30/15). Don’t worry you cancel at anytime!

Side Note:  

This weekend, I’ll be making Pollo A La Brasa (Peruvian Grilled Chicken) via chef, Josh Drew’s tutorial that I watched on SALTED. 

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