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Suit/Brand Review : Blackpier (Online Custom Menswear Label)

Suit/Brand Review : Blackpier (Online Custom Menswear Label)

Black Pier Custom Suit On Men's Style Pro

[tps_header]In our Summer Blue Suit Series, I present to you this piece by online custom menswear retailer, Blackpier. Guaranteeing a 15-day turnaround time from when your order is placed, Black Pier has corned the online custom menswear market in regard to speed of production and delivery. With a simplified 3D Designer, customers have a pretty seamless ordering process that would be great for the guy buying his first custom suit. With a price point starting at $269 for a custom 2-piece suit, Black Pier is definitely a brand to give a try.

There’s a variety of fabric offerings on their site, primarily 110-120 wools & linens, plus, the wool/poly blends. As you step in the 120s, which is a finer fabric than the 110s, the price will increase to 310 piece per two piece suit. You’ll have the option for specific lapels, pockets and color stitching around your buttonholes (standard for most online custom retailers). There are two options that really make this brand standout amongst many online retailers. The option to select a Slim fit or Loose Fit is clutch. Where many custom retailers automatically create a loose fit to your suit (without asking), Black Pier gives you the option to choose. Also, before you submit your payment, there is a comment section available. I used that section to indicate that I wanted a half-lined jacket and wider lapels.  [/tps_header]

  [tps_title]Simple Solids[/tps_title]

Black Pier Custom Suit On Men's Style Pro

 Royal Blue Custom Suit – Blackpier (available online) | Custom Hidden Button Collar Shirt – Blackpier (available online) | Vintage Knit Navy Tie | English Oak Dean Sunglasses – Warby Parker (available NOW online) | Red & Blue Beaded Bracelet – Tobox (available at their Philly Location) | Calf Skin Leather Loafers – Paul Evans (available NOW online)

 “Simplicity Is Key”

It’s pretty clear to see that the color of this suit is on the bolder side of blue. You can call it Royal or French blue, but, I like to call in “Compliment Blue”. Each time I don this suit on the streets of Philly, people really go out of their way to complement the look. Of course I’ll take a compliment, however; the biggest compliment has to go to the tailoring of this piece. This pretty much how it look just out of the box, however; I did have the jacket taken in few centimeters at my tailor. 

The key to making this suit work in your everyday wardrobe is to keep the overall look SIMPLE. Below are some tips to help you rock this suit in a bold, yet, simple manner. 

  • A crisp white shirt and white pocket are all you need
  • Complement that white shirt with a crisp, white, cotton pocket square
  • If you’re going to wear a tie to keep the look simple, opt for a solid knit or cotton tie (primarily in navy, brown, or deep purple)
  • A pair of black or tan shoe (loafer or Oxfords) will pull this suit together 


Suit Review

  • Any brand that can turn around a custom suit in 15 days is really on the ball and has their customers impatience at top of mind
  • They need to work on some of the simplicity in their site. I didn’t want all of my button holes to be colored with green thread
  • The jacket only need minimal tapering in the torso. For most guys it would have been an issue
  • They were very accommodating to some of my specific requests. I had them scour to find a particular type of button (tortoise-shell) and they came through
  • The weight of this suit is surprisingly light and drapes well
  • They will need to work on creating a flatter lapel

With the minor hiccups and alterations need, I would give this suit the grade of B, with, the brand earning a B-.  

Black Pier Custom Suit On Men's Style Pro


Black Pier Suit on Men's Style Pro

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Black Pier Suit on Men's Style Pro


Black Pier Suit on Men's Style Pro


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