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MSP Daily | hook+Albert Launches Leather Collection

MSP Daily | hook+Albert Launches Leather Collection

hook+Albert Weekender Garment Bag

[tps_header]hook+Albert, the brand that brought us eye-popping socks, lapel flowers and a ton of collaborations has launched a leather collection featuring a Garment Weekender and an Accessories Dopp Kit. Adding the convenience for a garment bag and a weekend duffel, the Garment weekend plays dual roles in minimalizing that amount of luggage you’ll be hauling around this weekend (available in Saffiano Blue & Black Leather). Now you can carry your tuxedo for that wedding that you’re attending this week, plus, you hangover outfit for the next morning.

The Accessories Dopp Kit is a stroke of genius. No more stuffing your ties in your shoes or hopefully finding you cuff links and collar stays in a random side pocket of your duffel. Having easy access to all your small menswear accessories has never seemed more simple, and yet, practical than this. These are definitely some pieces that you’ll want to keep in mind with Father’s Day right around the corner. 

Flip to the next page to check out the Dopp Kit in action. [/tps_header]

[tps_title]Garment Weekender Duffel[/tps_title]




hook+Albert Weekender Garment Bag


hook+Albert Weekender Garment Bag

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