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Suit/Brand Review: Alfa Clothiers

Suit/Brand Review: Alfa Clothiers

Sabir Peele in Alfa Clothiers Custom Suit

With the online custom menswear clothing industry expanding ever-so rapidly, many people are trying their hands in creating a brand that will really stand out. We were contacted by Alfa Clothiers a while ago, by the husband & wife team Morris & Roxanne Smith and they really have a passion for menswear that they wanted to share with. 

If the name Alfa Clothiers sounds somewhat familiar, that’s due to the  fact that it’s part of the larger World Of Alfa brand that is founded by actor Boris Kodjoe and his brother Patrick. The brand was created to outfit guys (and now women) that have difficulty finding clothing that fit and giving the consumer a ton style options to give themselves a custom experience. After having a in-depth conversation with Patrick Kodjoe, he spoke about the brands mission to not only outfit, but, to give back to the youth culture.

I took the opportunity to put together a custom double-breasted, midnight blue suit with contrasting elbow patches and patch pockets. Below is a review of the suit. 

Sabir Peele in Alfa Clothiers Custom Suit

Midnight Blue Custom Double Breasted Suit – Alfa Clothiers  Vintage Bengal Stripe Shirt – Harrod’s | Vintage Knit Tie | Custom Pris Tokyo Blonde Sunglasses – Lookmatic | Calf Skin Loafers – Paul Evans | Socks – Brooklyn Sock Co | Pocket Square – Frank & Oak 


There were no alterations to the jacket, however; I had the trousers tapered from the knee down. The plan is to extend the sleeves on the jacket by a quarter-inch. 

Suit Specs

  • Double Breasted
  • Patch Pockets On Jacket
  • Midnight Blue Color Fabric
  • Side tabs on trousers, no belt loops
  • Rounded peak lapel
  • Regular Hem on pants
  • Functional Surgeon Cuff on the sleeves
  • Worsted Wool & Micro Fiber blended fabric
  • Fully Lined
  • Half Canvas with French Fusing (using industry leading Lainiere De Picardie interlinking, leading to superior jacket drape)
  • Fabric weight: 265 grams per square meter


  • The customer service of the brand was great. I was able to speak directly to Morris, Roxanne or Patrick Kodjoe during the entire process with ideas and changes.
  • Button selection is huge to me and I was able to change out the buttons that were stock for the suit. They also have a selection of buttons that I haven’t seen with other brands.
  • The side tabs on the pants are buttons and not the D ring, sliding fabric
  • The natural slope of the shoulders on the jacket really fits my body.
  • The placement of the patch pockets are spot on
  • Price Point: Suits start at $235 for a two-piece. Shirts start at $45. At the price point, the quality of the material is worth the investment. 
  • The online visualizer used to build your suit has a ton of fabric to choose from, which I think is their highlight feature. 


  • The half canvasing is somewhat of an issue. 99% of the suits that I’ve had made are fully canvased with no fusing. Fused jackets are highly affected by dry cleaning, however; the draping of this jacket works. So I’m 50/50 on the half canvasing.
  • There needs to be some updates to their pattern making in regard to their vest options. This suit was designed as a three-piece; however; I was impressed with the button layout (too much spacing), the v-drop was way too high and the was excess fabric on the back. 
  • There isn’t an option for half or quarter lined jacket, however; it’s in the works.
  • There isn’t an option for suspended/braces button.
  • The peak lapels need to be straighter/sharper. They’re slightly rounded which give the jacket lazily constructed look.

Sabir Peele in Alfa Clothiers Custom Suit

Sabir Peele in Alfa Clothiers Custom Suit

Sabir Peele in Alfa Clothiers Custom Suit

Sabir Peele in Alfa Clothiers Custom Suit

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Sabir Peele in Alfa Clothiers Custom Suit

Be sure to check out to see their selection of fabrics and style options.

Photo Credit: Marina T. Peele @CantWinkLefty




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