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Shoes: The Oxblood Captoe by Paul Evans

Shoes: The Oxblood Captoe by Paul Evans

Paul Evans NY Oxblood Captoe

You’ll start to notice that the men’s footwear market in US is really starting to take off. You’ve got big-box, bespoke & boutique footwear lines not only popping up everywhere, but, they’re producing some quality pieces. This fall, a brand to really take notice of is Paul Evans. The brand was founded by two graduates from Tulane University with a goal bringing European crafted dress shoes that really catch everyone’s eye. The brand is strictly an e-commerce (at the moment), but, I am sure there are plans for a brick & mortar location if things really take off. 

One of the more exciting things about the autumn season is the reintroduction to warmer colors in the transitioning foliage and our apparel. Burnt oranges, forest greens and our favorite oxblood really take center stage in the sartorial color palette and we are especially fond of the oxblood color in regard to footwear. This post features The Brando, Leather Oxblood Captoe dress shoe by Paul Evans.  It’s not often that we really geek out about a pair of shoes, but, these oxblood captoes are beautiful crafted and extremely versatile.

The Paul Evans Brando Oxblood Captoe Review & Style Tips

  • Structurely: This shoe is constructed in the Blake Style (What Does That Mean). This means that the outsole is stitched directly to the insole (makes the shoe lighter and flexible). This style of construction is primarily used by Italian footwear makers. In a dress shoes, flexibility is ideal especially if you plan to wear them from 9 to 5. I’ve taken these shoes on several runs around town and they are surprisingly comfortable.
  • The deep oxblood color is a great complement to heavy wool and more texture fabric like denim. Easy color complements are navy blue and dark greys, however; more advance complements to the oxblood shoes are  lighter greys, khaki and olive-green.
  • The streamline structure of these shoes are the perfect complement for any suited look, but, thinking about pairing these shoes with a more casual denim or cargo pants for a bit of juxtaposition. 
  • These shoes are pretty true to size. If you’re a 10, then, get a 10. 
  • If you are pairing other “red” leathers with these shoes (ie. my red MJ jacket below), opt for a gradient slight darker or lighter than the shoes. 
  • Be aware that people will like these shoes, so do a bit of research on them so you know what you’re talking about when they ask. 
  • We really like these shoes, primarily because of the deep oxblood color, sleek silhouette, and its light-weight quality.  

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Jack Wills Suit on Sabir M. Peele

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Sabir Peele in Paul Evans NY Brando Captoe in OxbloodThe Brando Oxblood Captoe Shoe by Paul Evans

Photography: Marina T. Peele @Cantwinklefty




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