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Plaid & Gingham Shirt Styling with Johnston & Murphy

Plaid & Gingham Shirt Styling with Johnston & Murphy

When making the transition into autumn styling, it’s best take some cues from your spring style. Gingham and plaid shirts weren’t just trends during the warmer months, they have effectively become style staples that have made a case for themselves to be worn year-round. Even though you’re taking cues from your spring style, you’ll want to save those spring color palettes for next year and reach for heartier tones this fall.

The two shirts in this feature are from Johnston & Murphy’s Fall 2013 Collection. It is impressive to see that J&M has really improved the fit of their shirts, while sticking to their traditional styles. Below are some style tips when selecting plaid or gingham shirts this fall.

Style Tips:

  • When choosing either a gingham & plaid  shirt this fall, sticking to earth tones and heartier colors is key.
  • Gingham Scale: during the warmer months, the scale of the squares should remain smaller and traditional. During the fall, look for a larger size/scale gingham pattern. A larger scale to the pattern will make it more distinct which is beneficial when the colors become darker and warmer.
  • Plaid shirts pair well with wool suits because they inherently complement the wool fabric’s texture.
  • Booth shirt patterns pair well with corduroy, wool and denim.

Master’s Green Blazer Sabir in Frank & Oak Blazer, Gingham J&M Shirt with Johnston & Murphy Double Monk Strap Shoes

 Slim Fitted Washed Large Gingham Check Shirt by Johnston & Murphy | Forest Green Terry Blazer by Frank & Oak | 508 Jeans by Levi’s

Sabir Peele in Frank & Oak + Johnston & Murphy

Wool Pocket Square by Armstrong & Wilson | Brown Wool tie by The Tie Bar | Tie Bar by Bo Concepts

Johnston & Murphy Double Monk Strap Clayton Shoes

Clayton Double Buckle Pebble Grain Shoes by Johnston & Murphy 

Going Plaid

Sabir IN Johnston & Murphy Plaid Shirt

Slim Fitted Washed Large Plaid Shirt by Johnston & Murphy | Dartmouth Navy Quilted Bomber by Frank & Oak |  Custom Everyday Grey Suit Trousers by Dragon Inside

Frank & Oak Jacket

Dr. Herringbone Wool Tie by Armstrong & Wilson 

Johnston & Murphy Shirt with Braces

Cheapest Nato Straps Watch

Drifter Watch by Sperry Topsider | 22mm Nylon Nato Strap by Cheapest Nato Straps | Blue Skull Bead Bracelet by Degs & Sal

Johnston & Murphy Oxblood Wingtip Boots

Tyndall Wingtip Burgundy Boot by Johnston & Murphy

This post is sponsored by Johnston & Murphy & Style Coalition.

Photos by Marina T. Peele @Cantwinklefty



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