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Beach Essentials : Featuring PASTE Swimwear

Beach Essentials : Featuring PASTE Swimwear

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This summer I’ll be taking my talents to the beach (at least Sea Isle City, NJ). Of course, Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer for most of us in the United States, which means “IT’S BEACH TIME”. Women in bikinis, cold beers, sand and women in bikinis (yup it deserves a double mention) are the things that come to mind when most guys think of beach essentials. This year, it is time to hit the beach with a bit of style and show the world, or at least the ladies you hope to attract, that you are not like the rest of the over-sized board short wearers desperately attempting to look cool.

As a guy, you have probably been planning for the day it was hot enough to hit the beach since Labor Day of last year. You’ve hit the gym, putting in miles on the treadmill, and finally you feel ready to show off the hard work that you’ve put into your body. You dig through your beach wear from last year and realize that all of your trunks are long as hell. I’m guessing you’ve probably read the GQ’s and Esquire magazines and seen the shorter and more tailor trunks and said to yourself “I need to man up with my trunks and go shorter too”. Now, when I say shorter trunks I don’t mean, thunder-ball short. You need to know what works for your height and primarily your thigh length. Here is a little bit of advice in terms of length of swim trunks.

Length of swim trunks:

  • Guys with shorter legs (or shorter guys in general) should opt for trunks that are between 5 to 7 inches.
  • By going with a shorter length trunk as a shorter fellow, you will elongate your legs. This will make you appear taller.
  • Taller guys have the option of going as short as the 5 inches length, but, will probably feel the most comfortable with trunks in the 7 to 9 in length.
  • If your trunks go past your knees, they are TOO LONG!
  • Many brands like PASTE are adding swimwear to their lines in the retro fits of the 50′s & 60′s, which are a bit slimmer than todays balloon suits.


Below are some items to add to your summer Beach Essential repertoire.

Beach Essentials

Trunks by PASTE  Retro Fit “Blue Navy Yellow”


PASTE has been kind enough to offer readers of Men’s Style Pro, 20% off their purchase from June 1st through midnight June 15th when you use the code “PRO” at checkout. Jason Laurits, the Brooklyn-based designer behind PASTE, is featuring 9 new designs for his sophomore line of swimwear. The fit of these suits are a throwback to the Beach Boys retro fit. So, think slimmer and cooler than your average swim trunk. The designs range from the more subdued style like the pair pictured above, to the more racy, but tasteful design, featuring nude women. PASTE swimwear will be carried at some Nordstrom specialty stores, but, you can always find them at (be sure to use promo code “PRO” for 20% off your purchase).

Tank by BDG via Urban Outfitters & Linen Half Button Up Shirt by H&M

Shades by Ray-ban &  Spray 50 SPF Sunscreen by Harmon

Chambray Espadrilles via Asos & Straw Hat by H&M

Beer by LandSharkLatest GQ Magazine Timex Watch with J.Crew Strap

Instead of traveling with your phone at all times, bring a watch and a magazine to the beach. It will be a great way to pass the time until “no shower happy hour”. Don’t forget, Land Shark beer makes for a great summer lager, so pack a couple in your beach bag.


Checking out the lay of the land (aka, where are the beach babes)

Find A Boat

Get in the Boat (watch out for cops)

Rinse off before heading inside to grab a quick snack

Don’t forget to visit to shop their new swimwear and use promo code “PRO” checkout for 20% until June 15th. You can follow PASTE via twitter @PASTEUSA.

Enjoy The Beach,



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  • I’m a little torn on this one. Having grown up and spent my whole life at the beach, everyone wears boardshorts. I understand the slimmer look and the fact that this style is gaining popularity again, but having worn boardshorts my whole life, I can’t help but feel silly when I try them on. To me, they are one notch up from the elastic waist bean bag “swim trunks” that my dad used to wear. I still think a nice pair of boardshorts that aren’t super long that come to your knee can still look nice without making you look like a 15 year old kook. It also depends on what beach you go to and how trendy it is I guess. Another big factor is your body shape. Wearing tiny shorts that accentuate your chubbiness is tough to pull off for overweight gentlemen. That’s just my two cent. They do make nice shorts though.

  • How does the sizing go on those shoes? Thinking of giving them a go but unsure on size. For instance, I’m an 11 in sneakers but a 10 in dress shoes.

  • That is a great looking swim trunk. I’m digging the details with the asymmetrical blue and yellow stripes. That’s sets it apart from all those horizontal lines I see on a lot of trunks in the market.
    And yes to the sunscreen! With my skin tone, I tan really well and people assume I don’t need to wear sunscreen. Everyone needs to put that on regardless of skin tone. UV rays don’t discriminate.

  • Are the shoes good quality for the price? I am planning on purchasing some espadrilles from the store but I don’t know if I want to purchase cheap shoes. Do they hold up well? Thanks 🙂

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